Estonia increasing juniors

Rugby League continues to grow in Estonia through the presence of the Tallinn Tigers who are attracting increasing numbers of juniors to the sport.

ERL Chairman Jon Slade commented, ?Our healthy lifestyle initiative is working very well. The numbers that have joined the club have jumped considerably, just by focusing our resources on the 10-13 age groups.?

?It seems that these are children who are not being catered for by the sporting community. From just one school we have taken on 25 under 13?s in the last few days and this has never happened before. The support from the school director and teachers is 100% and that makes all the difference.?

One celebrity convert is 11 year old Vladimir Bedny, the Estonian junior Sumo champion.

?Vladimir has already shown he has the right attitude to succeed and has supportive parents. Joining the Tallinn Tigers will now enable him to go on to another level by being involved with a structured team that will encourage him to understand leadership, communication and the social skills needed to be the best person he can.?