Evidence backed up woman's claim

The classic ?he said, she said? scenario reached its ultimate climax today as Police investigating a young woman?s claims that she was sexually assaulted by a number of Bulldogs players confirmed that there was evidence to back up her story.

But ultimately, there wasn?t enough proof to charge any player over the alleged incident.

Police also revealed today that through the course of their investigation they discovered the woman had consensual group sex with a number of players in the days leading up to her allegations.

"There was evidence consistent with her version as of the date of complaint, that is, physical evidence consistent of her version," Police Inspector Jason Breton said.

?The thing is there were substantial holes in some witness accounts, there were some alibis which when discovered were checked out and became evidence against the original version ? there were some timelines that didn't match up," he said. ?It?s simply that based on a substantial brief of evidence we provided to the director, in all likelihood the chances of prosecution were low.?

When asked if there was physical evidence of rape, Insp Breton said: ?Yes?.

Bulldogs CEO Malcolm Noad said this afternoon that it?s clear nothing illegal happened in Coffs Harbour, but confirmed that some players had breached the club?s Code of Conduct.

??there was no illegal activity in Coffs Harbour and this has been supported by the police investigation, the DPP?s decision and independent witnesses,? Mr Noad told a media conference.

?There is, still an issue relating to a few players and their conduct and community expectations and the Club will be pursuing this.

?We will not tolerate breaches of our Code of Conduct or other standards imposed by the Board. We will take appropriate action against any offenders. I am pleased to say that our players have endorsed that view.?

Mr Noad said it is time to remove the cloud over the heads of players who he believes to be innocent of any illegal activities, and indeed the Club itself.

?It is time to get back to playing football.?

The Bulldogs play Brisbane at Stadium Australia this Sunday, their first match to be played this year without the dark cloud of the rape allegations hanging over them.