Fake Post

All season I?ve been posting in forum 7s. I haven?t missed a game, and the elegant prose that you are currently reading confirms this fact. I?ve noticed that I?m one of only two posters to have contributed in all 8 regular season games, and I?m starting to get a bit of an ego about it. Just last week I got out the tin foil, glitter, cardboard and elbow macaroni, and constructed a spectacular WWE-style belt for myself, emblazoned with the words ?Forum 7s Iron Man?. Unfortunately, even we greats suffer from writer?s block from time to time, not to mention the scourge of ever poster?s existence, Ican?tbebotheredwritingsoI?lldoitinthelasthalfhour syndrome (see how I cheated my way to thirteen extra words there? Oh?damn.)

Yes, it HAS come to this. I?m getting all self-referential, and writing about writing. How post modern of me. What a profound understanding of the intricacies of reflexivity I display. You see, the truth is, I?m only it for the glory, both individual and team. I admit it; sometimes writing these posts is a chore, which goes right against the very reason for this competition. It was supposed to be about rugby league articles written for the sheer fun of it, and heartless scumbags like me have to come along, blow their own trumpet, and turn it into a competition, shutting out inexperienced posters and demoralising poorly performed teams (such as my own, funnily enough?but you get the point). Looking through the 7s, it seems fair to say that most people here like to write, but love to win.

It would also be fair enough to say that I?m writing this post for two reasons- to get a good score for myself, and a win for my team. Who could possibly better these motives? I get satisfaction from achieving a good score, and satisfaction when the Pirates win. I show loyalty and commitment by getting something, anything, in on time every second Wednesday. Even when I?d rather be doing the assignment I have due the next day (ha!), I?m here, rain or shine, snow or hail, sitting at my computer. When I?m battered and bruised, and unable to do my absolute best for the team, (read: lazy and disorganised) I refuse to be substituted.

I think that Forum 7s actually exemplifies many of the elements of the rugby league ethos. It?s a great game to watch, at times brutal, bizarre, frantic, incredibly skilful, and occasionally, just plain boring. It?s an entirely different kettle of fish for the players. Mostly it?s a grind; blood, sweat, tears, and the rare moments of elation when you come up with something sublime. It?s a game where all we can ask of our team mates is that they have a real dig, and we can only be angry with them if what they put in isn?t the genuine article (or at least, a genuine article). Forum 7s has a rugby league code of ethics. We sledge as best we can before and during every match, but pay tribute to our opponents afterwards; we do our best to avoid bagging the refs, even though we can?t seem to stop blaming them for every defeat; and we have a healthy respect for our traditions, even in their infancy, as well as opening our arms to any new teams who look like they have the goods. Indeed, the NRL could probably learn a thing or two from the 7s.

But I must stop now, because I?m getting all soppy. This post started out as a glorious tribute to pure self-indulgence, but it?s been all down hill since then. All posters must know this feeling; you get an idea, a wacky, far out idea (or perhaps an idea that allows you to spend 750 words ranting about nothing), and 600 words in you realise it?s all going wrong. You?ve thrown 50 dummies and 500 goose-steps, but your cut out pass has been intercepted, and you?ve lost the match for your team with a moment of lunacy. These things happen when you run out of ideas, with the pen or with the football, but hey, it?s the last game of the season. The finals are out of reach and the whole game has a surreal feel to it. You can do whatever you want, and it doesn?t really matter, but you yearn for the intensity of the matches to come.

Thanks for a great season everyone, and good luck for the finals. Love, ?Forum 7s Iron Man?

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