Featherstone celebrate club success

"That's not a Rugby League club: THAT'S A RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB." Crocodile Dundee.

Well it could have been Crocodile Dundee. Remember when a mugger pulls a flick knife on him, and he un-sheaths a bowie knife the size of Excalibur?

Instead it was Rovers' Chief Executive Simon Riley, calling onto the pitch, at half time in Rovers' game against Dewsbury Rams. It was �celebration day, and Riley was about to show people what there was to celebrate and at the same time send out the message that Featherstone Rovers is what a Rugby League club should be about.

First he called out Rovers Cup winning LADIES' TEAM. As well as winning the Challenge Cup, they supply seven members of the England team including skipper Natalie Gilmour.

Then he brought on the SCHOLARSHIP TEAMS. The under 15s have won two, and drawn one of their six games. Eleven of the under 16s players have signed professional contracts with
Rovers and have already played for the Academy team.

This prompted him to introduce the ACADEMY TEAM. It's their first season in the Valvoline Academy Comp, and little was expected of them by people outside the club. However doubters have been proved wrong as they have won six out of thirteen games.

Next he introduced Rovers' RESERVE GRADE side. They are currently fifth in the league subsequent to a nine game unbeaten run.

Then he introduced the newly formed WHEELCHAIR TEAM. The latest addition to the Rovers' family.

The Rovers' dance team were introduced, FRISA and The Joint Supporters' Group, and the team that makes up the vital backroom staff at Rovers took their place on the pitch.

Riley commented;

"It was impressive, moving even to see what kind of Rugby League Club Rovers is in human terms. What we have here is a club where any form of Rugby League can be enjoyed as a participant or a spectator, where players can work towards achieving their potential within a holistic professional environment, where activists and volunteers can contribute and importantly feel valued, and where spectators can feel part of the club they come and watch every week."