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The Forum Sevens (F7s) is an article writing competition hosted here in LeagueUnlimited's The Front Row forums. Now in its 10th season, the F7s has produced thousands of rugby league related articles written by hundreds of fellow forummers.

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Report card from the F7s boss: Rounds 5 - 8, 2011

As we approach the 2011 Forum Sevens finals, it looks like four teams out of the six are in contention to take out the big one.

Eight rounds of article writing are completed and there are just two rounds remaining before the semi-finals. It looks like the top four is decided.

Front runners are Panthers, Bluebags, Ninjas and Titans, leading the gallant Dragons and Rabbitohs outfits.

Ladder - Round 8

But halfway through the 2011 Forum Sevens season it was a different story. When the F7s Boss submitted his mid-season report card, the Panthers were at the bottom edge of the top four but gearing up for a strong run into business end of the season.

Ladder - Round 5

The story at the half way mark
Round 5

Newtown Bluebags: The Newtown side started the year with a draw against fellow 2010 grand finalists Penrith. They remained unbeaten until Round 4, where they lost by a field goal to the Gold Coast Titans, who they currently lead by points differential.
Gold Coast Titans: Despite winning more matches than any other team, the Titans sit second because of a missed article resulting in a dropped bonus point. Only the Panthers have managed to defeat the Gold Coast thus far.
Chuck Norris Texas Death Ninjas: The return of Walker, Texas Ranger's side has seen them sitting in third place, just one competition point behind the joint leaders. They've also managed to claim the mid-season Willow Cup which now sits proudly in their trophy cabinet.
Penrith Panthers: The Penrith club who made the grand final in 2010 may be sitting fourth, but they have scored more in-game points than any other side, but losses to the Rabbitohs and Ninjas have slowed their progress of late.
Saint George Dragons: Despite a bumpy start to the season and mass personnel changes, the Dragons are finding their feet. With bonus points on offer, they're still a chance to make a finals appearance.
South Sydney Rabbitohs: The team from Redfern have struggled in 2010, particularly at the beginning of the season. But they have shown improvement as they slowly find their rhythm, highlighted by defeating 2010 grand finalists Penrith in Round 4. The Bunnies face an uphill battle to make the finals, but they aren't out of the hunt yet.

Backpacker Leaderboard
Round 5

1. Azkatro - 13
2. gUt - 10
3. muzby - 9
4. Amadean - 8
=5. Drew-sta - 7
=5. Titanic - 7
=5. Willow - 7
=8. Marshall_Magic - 6
=10. CobyDelaney - 5
=10. LeagueNut - 5

Iron Forummers
Round 5

A huge congratulations to the below players who haven't missed a match in 2011.

edabomb (Ninjas) - 8/8 games
joshie (Ninjas) - 8/8 games
Titanic (Titans) - 7/7 games
Willow (Bluebags) - 7/7 games
Azkatro (Panthers) - 6/6 games
madunit (Panthers) - 6/6 games

A range of other achievements and milestones have reached or are on the horizon. Congratulations to all of you!

Round 5

Overall milestones achieved:
Timmah - 20th game
Non Terminator - 30th game
Bubbles - 40th game
Drew-sta - 40th game
byrne_rovelli_fan82 - 50th game
Titanic - 60th game
LeagueNut - 70th game
madunit - 80th game
Willow - 110th game

Club/Team milestones achieved:
Non Terminator - 20th club game
dubopov - 20th club game/20th Dragons appearance
Marshall_Magic - 20th club game/20th Rabbitohs appearance
rayroxon - 30th club game
edabomb - 30th club game/20th Ninjas appearance
byrne_rovelli_fan82 - 40th club game
Drew-sta - 40th club game
Amadean - 40th club game/Titans appearance
Big Mick - 40th club game/Panthers appearance
Titanic - 40th club game/Titans appearance
LeagueNut - 50th club game
Azkatro - 60th club game
madunit - 60th club game
Willow - 80th club game/Bluebags appearance

Rep milestones achieved:
byrne_rovelli_fan82 - 10th rep game
LeagueNut - 20th rep game

Overall milestones approaching:
muzby - Three games shy of 20th
edabomb - Next game is 40th
tits&tans - Next game is 50th
Amadean - Two games shy of 50th
Goleel - Three games shy of 50th
gorilla - Three games shy of 50th
The Piper - Next game is 60th
Jesbass - Two games shy of 60th
Azkatro - Next game is 90th

Other notable achievements:
Titanic and madunit breaking and now sharing the record for most conscutive club matches with their tally of 43 appearances.

Captain's Knocks
Round 5

Here are a few comments from F7s captains regarding season 2011 so far:

Gold Coast Titans

"This season has seen the emergence of a new Titans style of play. Gone are the long-winded, eclectic musings of a geographically challenged herd, replaced by refreshingly energetic long-winded, eclectic musings of a geographically challenged mob.

Performances have been patchy but after an erratic start to the season, the team has found its level and is looking forward to the second half of the season." - Titanic

St George Dragons

"It is great having the dragons back in the F7s. The most pleasing thing is the way in which everyone is playing this year. It's not about winning. It's just about getting a few articles together.

I am over the moon that a few of the boys have been on loan from other sides, this really epitomises the F7s community. I hope that the new push from the big red V will lead to success later this year and in years to come." - _Johnsy

Chuck Norris Texas Death Ninjas

"The Ninjas have had a great start to 2011 thanks to a dedicated core of players who are always willing to go the extra mile! Thanks to the team for making sure we always get five articles in.

Also a big thanks to all F7s players, referees and management for their continued dedication to the concept, it is a joy to be a part of." - edabomb

Newtown Bluebags

"The bagger's famous blue bus has had a few running repairs this year with some of our players jumping districts to help out kindred spirits St George. But the rookies have stepped up to the crease and performed brilliantly. Special mention to newcomers AlwaysGreen and Cliffhanger - team champions churning out the superlatives like there is no tomorrow.

On a personal note, congratulations to fellow forummers The Ninjas on winning the mid-season Willow Cup. The Cup has been dusted off and is on it's way from Henson Park as we speak.

Good luck to one and all; and many thanks to the refs and those who administer the game. Long live the Forum Sevens! " - Willow

From The Boss's Desk
Round 5

Wow, what a season it has been so far! 2011 has been my first season in charge of the competition and it has at times been a fantastic trial by fire!

I have done my best to treat the game with the respect and dignity that it deserves. I have made it clear that my office is always open for those who wish to discuss any perceived issues - but also that there is a sense of decorum that must be maintained if the competition is to survive.

Having taken to the field as a player and as a captain, and now as a referee, I feel I'm getting an ever growing sense of appreciation for the efforts of everyone involved in the competition.

There are so many great things about the Forum Sevens, not least of which is the community spirit. Of course everyone wants to win, but it is the friendly banter between opposition players and the willingness to help out other teams - sometimes with player transfers - that makes this competition truly stand out.

And then of course there are the articles - clever puns, witty turns of phrase, historical recollections, unique insights, thought provoking topics, and elegant delivery. There are certainly worse ways to spend an afternoon than reading the literary genius that is on hand.

I'd like to thank all of the players, captains and referees for making the Forum Sevens the great competition that it is - and to the readers who fill the stands each round to see what rugby league's best writers have to offer.

I look forward to watching the second half of the season unfold, when we'll discover who will take the 2011 Premiership and the Four Nations series that follows.

Yours in the spirit of F7s,
David Taylor (Jesbass).

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