Free tickets to Oki Jubilee
Stadium from R2K

R2K is offering its e-mail subscribers an opportunity to win 2 complimentary general admission tickets to the Saints vs Canberra clash at Kogarah on Sunday, 14 March (2:30pm kick-off). One subscriber will win the 2 complimentary tickets by providing R2K with some constructive feedback on its ongoing campaign to ensure the Dragons remain at Oki Jubilee Stadium in the long-term.

As a subscriber to the R2K e-mail list, you are eligible to enter this competition. The required feedback relates to 5 key issues. The R2K committee would appreciate your views so we can confirm what is important to supporters going forward.

1) What is the main improvement you would like to see at Oki Jubilee Stadium prior to the 2006 season? For example, you may wish to see the installation of community-friendly permanent lighting or the replacement of the old seating around the touchline with modern bucket style seating. Please state why you think your suggested improvement is important and how the Club, Kogarah Council and St.George-Illawarra supporters should go about addressing this issue.

2) What additional information what you like to see on the R2K website and how do you rate the current site content and graphics?

3) How successful do you believe the R2K campaign has been since June 2000 and do you think we could have done anything more effectively?

4) Do you believe that the St.George-Illawarra management should provide its supporters with an immediate guarantee that Oki Jubilee Stadium will host a minimum of 50% of St.George-Illawarra NRL matches from 2006 and beyond?

5) Do you think it's fair for St.George based supporters that the ANZAC Day match against the Roosters (which will be played at Aussie Home Loans Stadium in the Eastern Suburbs), was deducted from Kogarah's allocation of home games?

All entries should be sent via e-mail to: [email protected]

All entries must be received by 5pm this Friday (5 March). The subscriber who provides the most constructive feedback will win the complimentary tickets. The winner will be announced by next Monday (March 8) and the complimentary tickets will be sent via express post on the same day. R2K will also publish a selection of the feedback on its website and e-mail list.

If you don't win the tickets on this occasion, please don'tbe disheartened! R2K will be offering similar incentives to e-mail subscribers prior to the remaining 3 NRL matches at Kogarah this season.