Interview with Matt Anderton

You joined Redcliffe from Easts at the beginning of 2003 after beating Redcliffe in the A Grade Grand Final at Dolphin Oval in 2002 how did you find it fitting in. It was really easy actually, because I had played with Shane Perry, Phil Shilvock, Danny Burke and Shane Tronc before at previous clubs and they were all a great bunch of blokes who welcomed me into the club.

I can remember part of our game plan in that grand final was to bash you at any chance we got, (all legal of course).We obviously missed. When I first came to the club I remember Rob Campbell telling me about that. It was a good win for me and East?s that day because we knew we had to be on our game playing at Dolphin Oval and fortunately for us things went our way. How was it compared to playing in the halves through out your career. I played a bit at hooker back in 1998, but the change has been really good. It's a lot tougher particularly with defending in the middle and there's no chance for a rest between defense and attack like you can in the halves. Not many people would realise but you made your debut for Brothers way back in 1996 who was that against and what are your memories from that game. Yeah, it's quite a long time ago now. I was playing colts when I received the call up. It was an ABC TV game against South?s who?d been one of the top sides that year. I remember that it was wet and muddy. I started on the bench that day and came on in the second half, but unfortunately we went down by about 40 points.

You were at Brothers in 1998 when the Broncos took over the club were you ever contracted to the Broncos. No, I was signed with Brothers. Only about five of us from Brothers played first grade that year with the rest obviously Bronco players. Was it hard for you to leave Brothers considering you have a strong family connection to the club. The decision was made for me with club folding after 1998. It was sad to see that happen to a club with such history and a club that I grew up playing for.

Who is the hardest player you have had tackle Lote Toquiri Who is your most respected rival Old Reddy boy Jamie Tomlinson Who is the player who's tackled you the hardest Chris Beattie plays for Cronulla Sharks now. Who is the funniest guy in the team Mickey Roberts Which side did you support as kid Brothers and Parramatta Who was your favourite player growing up. Peter Sterling

If you could play in any game from the past which would you choose The 3rd test 1994 Kangaroo tour You were ball boy during the 1990 grand final what do you remember about it. A huge fight that happened during the game and the linesman made us get behind the ad signs because the wingers who were fighting each other, were moving onto the sideline. I still remember the noise from the punches connecting. If you could have any 5 people over to your house for a BBQ who would they be. Brad Fittler, Bill Clinton, Mohammed Ali, Donald Trump and Ben Stiller.