Italy starts work with Paul Broadbent


The Italian national rugby league side has started the preparations for the World cup qualifications in 2011, under the supervision and direction of Paul Broadbent. Held in Piacenza at Piacenza 1946 rugby club, the players chosen by the FIRL, have worked on polishing up their skills and individual techniques under the expert eye of English coach Paul Broadbent, who worked on quality and individual technique on, attacking running lines, tackling and wrestling techniques and on the organisation of the defensive line.

Present during this first camp, were players registered with FIRL from all over Italy, who were able to show their qualities during the training sessions. Of note was the presence of a number of well known Rugby union players, the calibre of Gert Peens (23 caps Italia Union) Daniel Stead, Michael Cagnoni and Rugby league internationals Matthew Sands, Fabio Nannini, Alessandro Cuomo, and Andrea Sola.

At the end of the camp, Paul Broadbent stated: