Latu cleared to play

The National Rugby League has cleared New Zealand hooker Tevita Latu to play in this weekend's match against the Dragons.

The Warriors team doctor, Chris Hanna, has provided written advice to the NRL Chief Medical Officer, Dr Hugh Hazard, regarding the player's condition.

The written advice also refers to assurances from the New Zealand infectious diseases specialist treating the Tevita for a mild tuberculosis infection of the lung.

The assurance is that Tevita's condition does not pose a threat to other players in the Warriors team or opposing teams.

"The Warriors had already established these issues within their own club but after an inquiry from St George Illawarra it was appropriate that the NRL's Chief Medical Officer seek further reassurance," NRL Chief Operating Officer, Mr Graham Annesley said today.

"Hugh is assured that the player's case was extremely mild and that it has passed any stage where quarantining him from other players would be an issue.

"We are satisfied with Hugh's investigations."