Lions seeking referree meeting
before 1st test

Great Britain are to seek a meeting with referee Steve Ganson ahead of Saturday's opening Ashes Test after discovering that Australia coach Chris Anderson has already held talks with the St Helens official.

Ganson was something of a surprise choice to referee the opening Think! Road Safety match against Australia and totally unknown to Anderson, who was alarmed over revelations that the official had sent six players off in Super League this year.

"They say he can be a little bit erratic," Anderson said at his team's training base in Leeds.

"That's a bit scary in a Test match because you're going to be under a fair amount of pressure.

"I don't know the bloke, I'm only going on what I hear. We want to know what the rules are for internationals, if it's the same as Super League.

"There are two teams playing for their country, you want two full teams out there.

"Britain don't want to beat us with a man short and we don't want to do that to them. As far as a spectacle is concerned, you want your full complement."

Great Britain assistant coach Brian Noble said arrangements would be made for informal discussions with Ganson.

"Having heard that, it would be nice to speak to him," he said.

"We need the facility to speak to him as well, to understand not only what the Australians have asked for but to see if he thinks there are any subtle changes to the way he referees week in, week out."

Noble added: "You've got to take the referee out of the equation, it's about how we prepare."

Noble said he was happy with the appointment of Australian Tim Mander for the second Test while both teams are satisfied with the choice of Russell Smith for the third game.