Malta Rugby League statement re Jarrod Sammut

Comments made in the past 24 hours would suggest that the Malta Rugby League (MRL) was deceitful in their discussions with Penrith Panthers management.

The Malta Rugby League (MRL) Board of Directors would prefer it be known publicly that they were open and honest in all communications regarding Jarrod Sammut's involvement in promoting and developing Rugby League in Malta, which included assisting Rugby Union thanks to the relationship the Malta Rugby League (MRL) has held with the code's governing body in Malta.

Malta is a small nation where Rugby League and Rugby Union do work together.

This unique relationship has seen no less than four Rugby League players in the past three years assist in the 'rugby' development on the Maltese Islands and vice-versa with ten local Rugby Union players representing Malta Rugby League in an international last October. Jarrod, like every player whom represents Malta (Rugby League and Rugby Union) does so for no monetary incentives.

The Malta Rugby League (MRL) has all the documentation to show for our dealings with the Penrith club and clearly produced the request to release Jarrod for these commitments in black and white. In return, the Penrith club clearly produced the release in writing also in direct response to our request.

Jarrod's willingness to assist in the mission of the Malta Rugby League - is a credit to him, his heritage, his club and the National Rugby League (NRL).