Manly steal late victory from Broncos

The reigning premiers, Manly-Warrigah Sea Eagles have claimed a late try to steal victory over the Brisbane Broncos 24-22 at Suncorp Stadium in the first of the Friday Night double header.

Man of the Match, Jamie Lyon played a dominate role for Manly with a try on the board after two minutes of play. Daly Cherry-Evans guided the movement as he linked up with his outside backs to find the whitewash. Manly 6-0.

Jamie Lyon's penalty goal were the points which would ultimately be the difference between the two sides. Manly 8-0 after 8 minutes.

The Broncos found their feet 20 minutes into the encounter. Jack Reed busted through the defence to crash over the line. Corey Parker had a horrid night with the kicking tee as he failed to convert any of his four attempts. However Manly held the lead 8-4.

Corey Norman took control of the kicking duties mid first half and the points soon mounted. Gerard Beale leapt high to pluck the ball out of the air to score. The Broncos locked it up, 8-all after 25 minutes.

A powerful solo effort from Alex Glenn extended the Broncos lead to four, as he accelerated through the Manly line to claim a four-pointer. Parker's conversion missed, Broncos in front 12-8.

Shortly before half time, Manly crossed as they executed a set play to send Steve Matai over the goal line. Jamie Lyon's conversion the difference at the half time break, 14-12.

Corey Norman's kick fired the Broncos into the lead again as his boot gifted Matt Gillett points. His kicking game pin-point, the Broncos 16-14 after four minutes of the second half.

The Manly co-captain was on show again with a skillful flick pass to set up David Williams for his own try. Manly stole the lead once again, 20-16 in the 53rd minute.

The see-sawing affair continued as a freakish chip kick from Josh McGuire in broken play saw Matt Gillet jump and score his second four-pointer. A change in goal-kicker gave the Broncos a two point buffer as Corey Norman converted, 22-20.

Manly in the final minute of play went the length of the field to steal the victory with a beautifully constructed try. Jamie Buhrer started the play with an offload to Steve Matai who raced downfield. Jamie Lyon's hands too skillful as David Williams, again linked his with inside centre to claim his second try.

The Manly Sea Eagles at full time defeated the Brisbane Broncos 24-22, as the four missed conversion attempts from Parker the difference.

Next week, the Manly boys return home to Brookvale to host the Sydney Roosters. Meanwhile the Broncos will rest up following their nail biting defeat with a bye.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 22 were defeated by Manly Sea Eagles 24
National Rugby League - Round 10 - Friday May 11, 2012 6:30pm
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Referees: Tony Archer and Shayne Hayne
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Jeff Younis
Crowd: 41,273 (Double Header)
Halftime: Brisbane Broncos 12 Manly Sea Eagles 14 players of the match:
3 Points - Jamie Lyon (1 Try, 3 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)
2 Points - Steve Matai (1 Try)
1 Point - Corey Norman (1 Conversion)

Brisbane Broncos (22)
Tries: Matt Gillett (2), Alex Glenn, Gerard Beale, Jack Reed
Conversions: Corey Parker (0/4), Corey Norman (1/1)

Manly Sea Eagles (24)
Tries: Steve Matai, Jamie Lyon, David Williams (2)
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Jamie Lyon (1/1) Live Commentary Good evening Rugby League fans and welcome to the Call to Arms Round (Round 10) of the NRL. Tonight a massive night of League with a double header out of Suncorp Stadium. The first sees the Brisbane Broncos host the Manly-Warrigah Sea Eagles.

In team news: The Broncos have confirmed that Justin Hodges is OUT of tonight's clash, as a result Matt Gillett gets a starting role in the centres. Following that, Scott Anderson is added the bench.

As for Manly, just the one positional change which sees Jamie Buhrer move to the bench with Daniel Harrison to start.
Tonight's OFFICIAL match Twitter hashtag is #NRLbriman. Be sure to tag your tweets and follow @LeagueUnlimited on Twitter!
1 min: We are UNDERWAY at Suncorp in this DOUBLE HEADER. The Broncos kicking off.
1 min: First set completed by the Manly Sea Eagles through a kick of Daly Cherry-Evans as he stabbed it downfield inside his 40 metre line.
2 min: The Broncos end their set just inside the Manly half, Corey Norman kicked high and deep downfield. David Williams secured the ball on his 10 metre line.
3 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Daly Cherry-Evans with a great run linked with his outside backs to sent Jamie Lyon over. The Manly boys went 60 metres to score. David Williams supplied the inside ball for Lyon to race away to score. Jamie Lyon adds the extras on his own try.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-0
4 min: Manly end their set just inside the Broncos half, a long kick down to the Broncos defenders. They are forced to work it off their goal line.
5 min: Great defence from Manly to hold the Broncos in their 30 metre zone on the last. Kick away okay off the boot but taken on the full by David Williams on his 20 metre line.
6 min: Manly's forwards are opening the line as they made 80 metres in their set. They are strong tonight, perfect form so far to force a line drop out at the end of the set.
7 min: First penalty to the Manly side against Andrew McCullogh, they will opt for two points.
PENALTY GOAL! Manly Sea Eagles
Jamie Lyon adds the extras from in front of the posts. Manly extend their lead to 8 points.
Manly Sea Eagles 8-0
9 min: KNOCK ON! Brent Kite looked for a quick play and stood up without the ball. Broncos earn a scrum feed 45 metres out from the Manly line.
11 min: A kick from Ben Hunt at the end of the set sees the ball go over the touchline. It was the right option however too hard with the attempt. Manly have a scrum feed as a result 10 metres out.
12 min: Broncos with their set kicks off the 40 metre line of Manly. Brett Stewart at the back under pressure took the ball before Gerard Beale got there.
13 min: Manly stab the ball downfield towards the far corner but sat up for the Broncos to return it to the 20 metre line. The Manly side are fast pace and making a lot of metres early.
14 min: Corey Norman grubbers his kick down to the opposition far corner. A better set from the Broncos as they look to trap Manly in their own red zone.
14 min: Early stats, Possession 58% Manly - 42% Broncos
15 min: Ben Hunt opted for the kick to end the set, Brett Stewart chased but allowed it to roll dead. His kicking so far tonight hasn't been too good, certainly are missing the Peter Wallace kicking game.
16 min: Better defence from the Broncos in their set, a poor Manly kick ended their set with a bomb put up and taken by the Broncos 20 meters out from their line.
17 min: INTERCHANGE: Josh McGuire is on the field now, Petero Civoniceva getting a rest for the Broncos
18 min: Manly trying to create some play by spreading the ball wide sideline to sideline in the set. However nothing come off it with a simple kick to end the set.
19 min: The Broncos get their first penalty for Manly laying in the ruck too long. Free kick taken, and the Broncos will play it on the half way line.
20 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
Jack Reeds busts through the line off the back of the penalty. Corey Parker with power offloaded out of the tackle. He linked with Ben Hunt who cut out passed to Reed to score.. Corey Parker from out wide has missed the conversion.
Manly Sea Eagles 8-4
22 min: Penalty to the Broncos for a high tackle from Daniel Harrison, the arm hit the ball and bounced up off the ball and hit him on the chin.
23 min: Hunt's kick on the last not too good again, his last tackle option hasn't been on song tonight. A simple 20 metre tap taken by Manly.
24 min: KNOCK ON! George Rose taking on the line has coughed up possession. Broncos will have it from a scrum feed just inside the Manly half.
25 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
A change in kicker has seen Corey Norman stab it to the corner. Off the kick Gerard Beale leapt up high and plucked it out of the air to then crawl to the line. Broncos lock the game at 8-all with Parker's conversion missing again.
Brisbane Broncos 8-all
27 min: Penalty against Daly Cherry-Evans for holding down in the ruck too long. The broncos line speed has increased as they march up field. They attack now with a full set 20 metres out from the line.
30 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Alex Glenn showed the Manly defence how power as he crashed over the goal line to claim the Broncos third four-pointer. Parker from the touchline misses the conversion again.
Brisbane Broncos 12-8
32 min: Penalty to the Broncos for a swinging arm tackle from Glen Stewart on Beale. No other action taken against him. The Broncos march up to the 30 metre line, already tonight when the Broncos get a penalty they score.
33 min: Ben Hunt put a kick through the line but hits the feet of Anthony Watmough, however his offload thrown to Jamie Buhrer but he knocks on. Broncos get a scrum feed 10 metres out from the Manly line.
34 min: Corey Norman with another lovely kick to the in goal area. However knocked dead but Matt Gillett, Manly get a quick 20 metre tap.
35 min: Penalty against the Broncos for hands in the ruck from Thaiday. Manly finally have possession in the Broncos half for the first time in about 10 metres.
37 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Manly finally getting possession for the first time in 10 minutes. Steve Matai on the end of a beautiful set play where the Manly side when right across field through a number of hands. Jamie Lyon from the sideline has nailed the conversion to take the lead again for Manly.
Manly Sea Eagles 14-12
39 min: INTERCHANGE: Ben Te'o comes off, Ben Hannant comes on just before half time
40 min: As the siren sounds, Gerard Beale tries a chip and chase through the Manly line but collected at the back by David Williams. And that is HALF TIME, Manly Sea Eagles 14 lead the Brisbane Broncos 12 in the first of the double header at Suncorp Stadium.
Both sides on the field, we are ready to go for the second half.
41 min: Second half is UNDERWAY with Cherry-Evans kicking off. Broncos with the first use.
41 min: The Broncos made huge metres in their first as they kick downfield to have Manly play it out of their 10 metre one. BUT WOW! Steve Matai allowed the ball to bounce and almost let in points. So lucky, as Manly work it out now.
42 min: Change over of the ball now to end the set of Manly. The Broncos have possession short of the halfway line.
44 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Another beautiful kick from Corey Norman has set up Matt Gillett. Gillett jumped through the line to beat the Manly defenders to score. Corey Parker has missed another, he is let to convert any attempt at goal.
Brisbane Broncos 16-14
45 min: KNOCK ON! Corey Norman has dropped the ball as he went to the line. Manly pack a scrum feed on their 40 metre line.
46 min: Cherry-Evans has been forced into touch from the scrum feed. The Broncos so strong to start this second half. They pack the scrum now.
47 min: Corey Parker with a strong run to the goal line backed into the defence but was held up by the Manly defence. Broncos out to the 10 metre line for the 4th tackle.
48 min: KNOCK ON! Jack Reed leapt for the ball off the Norman kick, however he only got fingertips to it and lost it. David Williams with good defence to get the ball knocked free.
49 min: Penalty Manly for a dangerous tackle. They attack deep the Broncos half.
50 min: The Broncos defence almost letting in points a few times in the set with Anthony Watmough breaking through a massive hole.Luckily for the Broncos it closed. However the end of the set the ball knocked dead by the Broncos and Manly earn a line drop out
51 min: KNOCK ON! The broncos cough it up on the goal line as Manly get another chance for points. Scrum feed on the Broncos 10 metre line for Manly.
53 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
Brett Stewart started the movement with a lovely pass to the outside to link with Jamie Lyon. His pass was the money ball with a beautiful flick pass back on the inside for David Williams to crash over the line. Lyon with the conversion adds the extras.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-16
55 min: Broncos backing up after leaking points and Ben Hunt almost getting points as he busted up through the line. Corey Norman's kick went along the ground but taken by Lyon in goal. He raced out to be met by the defence on the 10 metre line.
57 min: INTERCHANGE: Darcy Lussick comes on, Joe Galuvao gets a rest for Manly
57 min: Hunt with a massive kick down to the corner, it was taken by Brett Stewart easily who was under pressure. Manly with the ball 15 metres from their own line.
58 min: INTERCHANGE: Jason King is getting a break after some great work in the forwards.
59 min: Matt Gillett in defence has forced Brett Stewart back near his goal line as Stewart looked to race the ball back to the field of play.
60 min: KNOCK ON! Manly have lost possession of the ball on their 10 metre line. Broncos with the ball now through a scrum feed.
61 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING… possible try for Matt Gillett as Josh McGuire has placed a freak kick off his boot to the in goal area.
61 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Josh McGuire has pulled a freakish kick in broken up to send Matt Gillett through the line to score. A wonderful piece of play from McGuire as Gillett gets his second try of the night. A change in goal kicker sees Corey Norman add the extras.
Brisbane Broncos 22-20
64 min: Manly with their set held out by some good Broncos defence as the kick from Cherry-Evans booted off the half way line.
65 min: Kick from the Broncos sees the Manly boys work it off their 10 metre line. Manly need points as they trail by two points.
66 min: Jamie Lyon's kick downfield bounces over the sideline, Broncos get the scrum feed 20 metres out from the line.
68 min: Hunt's kick a long one has it was taken by Brett Stewart, but coming out of trouble the Manly side looked for a quick play knock on. Broncos get a scrum feed 10 metres from the Manly line.
69 min: Anthony Watmough makes a break and is away, a little kick to the in goal area gone wrong as Watmought raced away to the 30 metre line.
70 min: Great work by Dale Copley to fight is way out of the in goal area as the kick from Manly wasn't the right option. Broncos playing it 2 meters out from the line.
71 min: Broncos end their set on their 40 metre line, the kick downfield to Stewart taken. Manly pushing up from their 40 metre line.
72 min: Ben Hunt with a long kick finds the arms of Taufau who returns it out of the far corner. Manly with a set starting 25 metres out from their own goal line.
73 min: Liam Foran bombs the kick high into the air, Josh Hoffman leapt high and came down empty handed as he collided with a Manly player. No penalty given as no contact was made by DCE. Broncos unlucky to come up with the ball as it was allowed to bounce.
74 min: KNOCK ON! Josh McGuire running the ball dropped the cold. Manly through a scrum feed have a chance for points 20 metres out from the Broncos line.
75 min: Jamie Buhrer grubber to the in goal area but taken at the back by Beale. Manly unable to find the line.
76 min: On halfway, the Broncos through Norman bombs the kick high to the air. David Williams under the high ball took it without issue on his 30 metre line.
77 min: KNOCK ON! Brett Stewart is off his game tonight, as Stewart not paying full attention as the ball came to him off the pass and dropped it. Time off is signalled as Anthony Watmough is getting some assistance from the trainer after colliding with a Broncos defender.
77 min: Anthony Watmough has come off the field now. The knock on error gives the Broncos a scrum feed to on their 40 metre line. There is 3 minutes to play and the Broncos lead by 2 points.
78 min: Manly on the attack now 30 metres from the line as Steve Matai gets away from the Broncos line.
79 min: TRY
TRY! Manly Sea Eagles
The Manly side has gone the length of the field to score. Steve Matai made the break to start the ball rolling, Daniel Harrison supplied a lovely cut ball to link with Jamie Lyon. Lyon's passing game has been pin point as again he found his winger in Williams to crash over the line to steal the victory. Lyon's conversion from the touchline waived away, and MANLY WIN!
Manly Sea Eagles 24-22
80 min: FULL TIME at Suncorp Stadium has seen the travelling Manly Sea Eagles 24 defeat the Brisbane Broncos 22. Corey Parker's conversion attempts the difference tonight. The lead changed hands six times tonight as the visitors and reining premiers steal the two competition points in the first of the double header.

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