My Top 11 Reasons Why I Love Rugby League

In my last post I gave my top eleven things that annoyed me about Rugby League. Not to be seen as a pessimistic sourpuss, in this post I decided to write about all the things I enjoy and love most about this game. And yes there are eleven of them again.

1. The crowds. Sometimes at a rugby league game the people watching the match can be more entertaining than what is occurring on the field. For example when a penalty is awarded. The whole stadium will stand up with half of them cheering and clapping as their team has been given a little help by starting at a more preferable spot on the field, a kick for goal or a group hug with the other team where one of their players tries to ?brand? them with the ball. However, the other half are punching the air, using language that would make a sailor blush and contemplating the notion that the Referee?s vision is not up to standard. I find this highly amusing.

2. Hard core fans. I know about this one in great detail as my boyfriend is one. I remember spending one Saturday afternoon painting and then sewing a massively large fabric poster onto two broom handles in the name of his love for a certain player. It also got me thinking would he ever make a sign like that for me? (Ok Ok I?m getting too ?girlie? for you now). I also appreciate the fans wearing only their jersey and a thick layer of paint all over their face even though it is minus 15 degrees and the heavens have open up to give as the gift of life. But my favourite hard core fans are the women in their 70?s dressed in the teams first ever jersey, beanie and hand knitted scarf, cursing and bellowing the Referee?s name in vain. Don?t their voices sound like angels? Well if angels spoke like the wheels running on a train track after they have smoked a carton of fags every hour of their life. I love these older women and their bravery and commitment towards the game. I also love the crocheted blankets they have on their laps.

3. Penrith Panthers.

4. Their bottoms. This one was highly recommended to me by my best friend who spends most of the game ogling and comparing which players have the firmer gluteus maximus (or for those of you who have not seen Hi Five the muscle in your backside). Little football shorts off the field and say perhaps, in a Westfields, is a little sad but when there are 26 men on the field wearing them they do look good. Very good. Pity though that most players look like they have had their heads chewed on.

5. Crazy player hair. Look on any team and you will see at least one player with an afro. I don?t know why they have this hair (perhaps to distract attention away from their heads ? see the bottom of number four) but I love it and will encourage any player to do the same. Except mullets. Warwick Capper played AFL not NRL.

6. Viking horn helmets worn by spectators. They look cool and are cool. Plus in a way I guess they have a practical use of keeping the head warm and opening beer cans if the pull tie snaps off.

7. Giant blow up hands. The ones where the index fingers are pointing. I think they are great and look even funnier if the person is wearing two and making the clapping motion. Hey any motion looks hilarious.

8. When the players cry if they lose. Only when they are on the opposing team and only if they bubbler uncontrollably. I especially like this when it is a player I do not like. It might sound mean but honestly can you say you haven?t felt the urge to do a Nelson Muntz and go HA-HA.

9. Beer.

10. The way the players hug, jump and nearly make love to each other on the field. It is ok though as they are ON the field and allowed to show affection that would make even Paris Hilton go red. They are grown men who want to congratulate their fellow team mate for scoring a well deserved try. By sticking their tongue in his ear.

11. How Australian I feel when I watch the game.