Panthers score new sleeve sponsor

The Penrith Panthers have a new sleeve sponsor - the St Marys Rugby Leagues Club.

The two year deal was announced today by Warren Smith, President of St Marys and Barry Walsh, Chairman of Panthers, when jerseys carrying the new sleeve logo were shown publicly for the first time.

The sponsorship deal covers the Panthers NRL team and the logo will also be seen on the sleeves of the joint Premier League side, the St Marys-Penrith Cougars.

According to Warren Smith, St Marys Leagues Club are proud to be associated with one of the most watched and popular sides in the NRL.

?This year alone the Penrith Panthers had 13 television games and an average crowd of more than 17,000 people. We see great benefit in supporting them and look forward to another successful year,? he said.

?This is a great partnership for us,? Barry Walsh said today.

?It further strengthens the partnership that we began a couple of seasons ago by fielding joint sides in the Premier League.?

Both home and alternative Panther jerseys carrying the new St Marys logo on the sleeves will be available for sale at Panthers Supporters? Den immediately after the Fashion Show.