Penrith Panthers 2012 Season Review

Panthers on track for prosperity or destruction

Penrith Panther fans will always look back on 2012 as the catalyst for one of two things to have occurred in the future - either as a platform laid for sustained and prolonged success, or whether the club will be going through yet another re-building phase in three years time. While those statements may seem dramatic, one must put into context the events that occurred at the Panthers in 2012 and how the foundation of the club was shaken at its core.Β 

The first tremor was felt prior to origin period as rumours began to surface regarding Michael Jennings being dropped to Windsor after being left out of the line up to play the Dragons, a game which Penrith won in a golden point thriller. Ivan Cleary promised when he took over that he would not shy away from tough decisions and he made his first move with Jennings, citing poor form as the reason behind the move. This decision to drop Jennings has put the club in a position where there is constant speculation as to the star centre