Premier League Dogs to meet Cougars

The Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs Premier League team will play in the preliminary finals on Saturday (27 Sept @ 5.25pm) at Aussie Stadium against the St Marys-Penrith Cougars.

The Cougars have hit some excellent late season form accounting for the highly fancied Eels in convincing fashion in their elimination semi-finals match this weekend, 32-10.

Likewise the Dogs have been in great form and with no injuries in the Club the Bulldogs will be at full strength and fresh after a week's rest.

In their only meeting this season back on the 29th June, the Bulldogs ran away with the game 40-2.


1. Todd Polglase 2. Gavin Lester 3. Dayne Neirinckx 4. Steven Hughes (C) 5. Shane Marteene 6. Johnathan Thurston 7. Brett Oliver 8. Glenn Hall 9. Adam Brideson 10. Adrian Rainey 11. Roy Asotasi 12. Jamie Feeney 13. Tony Grimaldi

Interchange: 14. Reni Maitua 15. Hutch Maiava 16. Trevor Thurling 17. Brad Morrin 18. Justin Holbrook 19. Trent Cutler 20. Nathan Barry

(3 to be omitted)


1. Steve Turner 2. Chris Hicks 3. Shane Elford 4. Luke Dyer 5. Brett Howland 6. Daniel Russell 7. Ben Reynolds 8. Anthony Armour 9. David McLean 10. Peter Lewis 11. Richard Fa'aoso 12. Danny Galea 13. Frank Pritchard

Interchange: 14. George Rose 15. Garret Crossman 16. Matthew Pow 17. Tim Maccan 18. Shaun Ata.

(1 to be omitted)