Raiders rack up cricket score against Titans

The Canberra Raiders have thrashed the Gold Titans 56-10 at Canberra Stadium this afternoon.

The win keeps the Raiders finals hopes alive and would pretty much end the finals hopes of the Dragons as the Raiders move past them on the ladder.

Back to the game. Canberra opened the scoring and led 6-0 early and then the Titans came back to lead 10-6 eight minutes before the break but in the ensuing eight minutes, the Raiders scored three tries and went to the break leading 24-10.

The Titans lost Scott Prince to what looked to be a recurrence of the shoulder injury he suffered last week against the Broncos. He left the field and any chance the Titans had evaporated and the Raiders took full advantage, scoring ten tries in total.

The Raiders need to stay focused as they take on the competition leaders Melbourne in Melbourne next week and with the competition so close, the Raiders need to pull out something special to make a late charge towards the finals.

The Titans face the Bulldogs next Friday night and with the amount of injuries they have suffered to key players, it