Rovers Get Agood Deal For Fans Again

Rovers have secured a block of tickets for their away game against Halifax next Thursday: so far so good. But the Rovers' fans who buy them will pay full whack: maybe not so good. However the discount that Rovers have secured will be contributed to Rovers' junior development: very good indeed. Rovers' Chair Mark Campbell explained.

We've obtained these tickets at a 10% discount. By asking our fans to pay the normal price of 18 pounds, 13 and 5 pounds for concessions, which is what they would be paying anyway, they are investing that 10% in the development of young players. There are other benefits. Fans will be able to sit or stand together en mass making it easy to make their presence felt and contribute to what should be a crackling atmosphere. Also Rovers' fans will have their own parking spot at the Hunger Hill Car Park. These tickets will go on sale at the Rovers' office from the opening of business tomorrow.