SARL pre season results

The A grade 'Match of the Day' at Hindmarsh Stadium on Sunday 28th March between the Eels Rugby League Club and South Adelaide was a great contest decided in the final 40 seconds of the game with a 35m field goal. 1st Grade:

South Adelaide 31 (Tries: A Cox 2, S Caldwell, B Annandale, S Taylor, D McPherson. Goals: S Caldwell 3. F/G: M Whellum) def Eels 30 (Tries: T Rio 2, W Johnson, K McEwen, J McCafferty. Goals: K McEwen 5. Best on field: B Ramsden. South Adelaide K McEwen. Eels Rugby League Club Reserve Grade:

Eels 20 def South Adelaide 16 Central District 38 def Cougars 10 Under 18:

Cougars 20 def South Adelaide 18 Glenunga 22 drew Eels 22 Under 15:

South Adelaide 24 def Glenunga 14