Scrappy Tigers defeat lacklustre Warriors

Wests have done enough to see off a disappointing Warriors outfit 24-22 in front of 16,406 fans at Leichhardt.

It was billed as Marshall v Johnson the battle of the kiwi halves but it was the younger of the two, who drew first blood. Shaun Johnson using sleight of hand to start the movement which sent Bill Tupou over.

It was an open game with both sides throwing the ball around. From a errant flick pass Warriors went upfield for Maloney to put the kick on a dime for Vatuvei to bat the ball back for Ben Henry to make it 10-0.

Warriors it seemed were in cruise control, as the Tigers were making breaks but weren't getting that last pass to flick and were being dominated on their home turf going into the break.

A change of tactic brought rewards for the Tigers.

They peppered the Warriors wingers with grubbers with Vatuvei spilling one into the hands of Ryan to get them on the board.

Marshall went to the well quite a few times, earning repeat sets but on the 51st minute a flying Tuiqiri latched onto one, to give Wests the lead 12-10 for the first time in the contest.

Moltzen tried to emulate Marshall with a grubber through the line but it only landed to Hurrell who charged down the kick. He grabbed it and ran away to reclaim the lead for the Warriors.

The lead swung back to the home side again when penalties drove Wests upfield. From the penalty, Marshall found Moltzen who sent Utai crawling over to make it 18-16 with 15 minutes to go.

New Zealand were attacking in waves with Wests holding them off at each junction and in the 75th, Tim Moltzen sealed it with a solo run from a Vatuvei error to make it four in a row for the Tigers.

Hurrell would complete his brace from the resulting short kick-off after the Warriors swung it wide and Maloney converted the consolation try to give the game a respectable scoreline of 24-22.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 24 defeated New Zealand Warriors 22
National Rugby League - Round 11 - Friday May 18, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Leichhardt Oval
Referee: Tony Archer and Jason Robinson
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Jason Walsh and Adam Reid
Crowd: 16,406
Halftime: Wests Tigers 0 New Zealand Warriors 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Benji Marshall (4 Conversions)
2 Points - Konrad Hurrell (2 Tries)
1 Point - Tim Moltzen (1 Try)

Tries: Matthew Utai, Beau Ryan, Tim Moltzen, Lote Tuqiri
Conversions: Benji Marshall (4/4)

Tries: Bill Tupou, Ben Henry, Konrad Hurrell (2)
Conversions: James Maloney (3/4) Live Commentary Welcome to a brisk Leichhardt Oval where the Wests Tigers host a rejuvenated Warriors line up, looking for back to back wins.
Earlier in the Toyota Cup. Wests went on a point scoring rampage to win 54 points to 12.

Well both sides are 1-17.
Moments away from kick-off, both sides doing their final preparations in the sheds.
With the clock ticking closer to 8:00pm both sides are on the field. Tigers will kick-off and Warriors will run north to south.
1 min: Moltzen puts boot to ball and here we go!
3 min: First penalty of the night to the dismay of the crowd, goes to NZ. Marshall all over the ball.
5 min: TRY
It was some good deception from Johnson, faked to Packer and sent it wide, finding Bill Tupou in the corner for the opening try of the evening. Maloney from the sideline trys to hammer it through but it swings out.
New Zealand Warriors 4-0
6 min: Not what the Warriors wanted right after points. Packers makes a mess of the play the ball.
7 min: Stop in play because Beau Ryan is down after a Vatuvei hit. He's up and plays the ball.
7 min: Stuttering start for the Tigers with Galloway spilling an easy one.
8 min: Mara goes for a scoot but he forgets one key ingredient, the ball. Tigers will come back on the attack.
VIDEO REFEREE: Checking for a knock on from Benji Marshall.
9 min: NO TRY! Knock on by Marshall, good defensive cover by Hurrell.
11 min: Warriors are up for this contest, bending the Tigers back. Wests get a lucky penalty though for a strip.
12 min: Marshall see's Vatuvei up in the line, grubbers through but Vatuvei is back in time and cornered in goal. Dropout.
14 min: Last and Humble goes for a scoot close to the line but he's held up short. Turnover.
19 min: Forward pass from Humble at dummy half, down to Woods over running the ball.
20 min: Penalty Adam Blair made camp at the play the ball.
21 min: Mateo almost pulls off the impossible from an offload, he taps it up and it's swatted away by Ayshford. Scrum Tigers.
22 min: Marshall prys open a gap for himself and tries to flick it back inside for Reddy but it only goes to the Warriors.
VIDEO REFEREE: Possible try to Warriors. Checking if Ryan was taken out.
24 min: TRY
TRY! A pinpoint crossfield kick from Johnson puts it high enough for Vatuvei to force Ryan to bat it back, straight into the hands of Henry. Maloney with a kick with easier than his first converts.
New Zealand Warriors 10-0
30 min: The Tigers back three would make horrible soldiers, with this bomb diffusion.
30 min: Galloway in his second stint, earns a penalty with his first run.
31 min: Good hit from Vatuvei jamming in and hammering Moltzen, jarring the ball loose.
32 min: Brilliant escape from the in goal from Moltzen. Tigers putting some plays together.
34 min: Tame ending to an impressive set by the Tigers with Marshall just kicking it dead.
36 min: Dropsies infiltrate the Tigers attack again, Lawrence dropping it.
37 min: Warriors went one pass too many, spilling it straight to Marshall who tries to launch a counter.
39 min: Warriors will have one more attack after trapping Ryan in goal.
40 min: Johnson tries to go himself but is stopped and grubbers forcing a dropout which will take us to HALFTIME.
We're back on deck for the second half, Warriors holding a healthy ten point lead and will kick off.
Maloney kicks and here we go again.
42 min: End to end stuff here, Tigers had a chance but it's squandered. Warriors go on the attack but Henry is bundled into touch.
VIDEO REFEREE: Beau Ryan might have a try, checking offside and grounding.
46 min: TRY
TRY! Beau Ryan does it all himself, grubbering through forcing a Vatuvei knock on and toes it ahead again to ground it himself! Marshall smashes it through the posts.
New Zealand Warriors 10-6
48 min: Momentum shifting here.. Tigers with a relieving penalty.
51 min: TRY
Two grubbers two tries! Marshall stabs it behind Tupou to find a flying Tuiqiri who plants it down. Marshall scraps it inside the posts and Tigers have hit the front.
Wests Tigers 12-10
51 min: Once again, another relieving penalty. Tigers are storming back into the game.
53 min: Tigers going back to the well again, another grubber.. forcing Hurrell to ground the ball. Dropout.
56 min: TRY
Once again the Tigers try the grubber through Moltzen but it rebounds of Hurrell who swats away Marshall to run away for the try! Maloney with the crowd on his back slots it.
New Zealand Warriors 16-12
58 min: Pat Poltoni is on for his first action in first grade.
60 min: Line dropout again. Marshall puts a spinning grubber in and forces Fishiaii to slide in and concede.
62 min: Pressure building with Tupou this time having to concede the dropout. Marshall has these grubbers on a string currently.
65 min: TRY
Warriors wilt and Utai is the beneficiary. Marshall goes for it on last getting it to Ayshford who offloads to Utai who crawls over for the four pointer. Marshall has a kick to put the Tigers ahead again and from the sideline. He walks in and hits it straight as an arrow!
Wests Tigers 18-16
69 min: The smallest bobble from Hurrell and the last tackle option is quelled. Tigers to ruck it out.
71 min: Shaun Johnson learns from the last set, lets things unfold before throwing the ball.. getting it to Hurrell who stabs it behind for a dropout.
73 min: In his 150th game, Matt Utai plucks it from Shaun Johnsons hands.
76 min: Lazy inside pass from Mateo is spilled by Johnson. Tigers may just hold on.
VIDEO REFEREE: Checking the contest and if Ayshford knocked it on.
77 min: NO TRY! Double knock on. Tigers will get the scrum feed.
79 min: TRY
From the scrum, Moltzen takes it wider, wider then hits the hole and is through for the game winner. Marshall with the relatively easy conversion converts.
Wests Tigers 24-16
80 min: TRY
Well, Warriors take the kick-off and spin it wide to Hurrell who just smashes it over for a brace. Maloney with a for and against conversion converts.
Wests Tigers 24-22

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