Sea Eagles scrape out win over Roosters

In a scrappy affair at Allianz Stadium, the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles have defeated 2013 Premiers the Sydney Roosters, 8-0 in a Grand Final re-match.

The rule changes in 2014 have seen the tough, wrestle technique of the Roosters fail to see them control a match like they once did in the previous season. A lop-sided penalty count, 11-2, against the Roosters saw the Sea Eagles dominate possession.

Bad boy, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was placed on report by referee Ben Cummins for a high tackle on Sea Eagles' Glenn Stewart. The contact on Stewart saw him miss the reminder of the match, being assisted off the field in the 20th minute with concussion.

Cheyse Blair posted the only try of the contest as he finished off a great running play led by Steve Matai. The defensive lapse by the Roosters saw the only try conceded.

Despite failing to score points, credit to the ‘Bondi Wall' of the Roosters as their defence was brilliant as they continually defenced penalties on their goal line. Jake Friend the stand out defender with almost 50 tackles for the tri-colours.

It was hard fought win by the Sea Eagles as errors and penalties saw the Roosters fail to mount any pressure on the Manly side. Trent Robinson's game plan let to be effective under the new rules.

Next week the Roosters will look to hit back as host the Bulldogs in Round 5 action at Allianz Stadium. Meanwhile, the Sea Eagles will fly to Leichhardt Oval to face surprise packet of 2014, Wests Tigers on Sunday afternoon.

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 0 Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 8
Venue: Allianz Stadium
Crowd: 14902
Halftime Score: Sydney Roosters 0 Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 6 Players of the Match:
3 points - Kieran Foran
2 points - Steve Matai
1 point - Jake Friend

Tries: nil
Field Goals: nil
Conversions: nil
Penalty Goals: nil

Tries: Cheyse Blair
Field Goals: Steve Matai (0/1), Daly Cherry-Evans (0/1)
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (0/1)
Penalty Goals: Jamie Lyon (2/2) Live Commentary

TEAM NEWS - the Sydney Roosters are 1-17 with Sio Siua Taukeiaho dropping off the extended bench.

TEAM NEWS - interchange forward James Hasson is OUT with a virus. Tom Symonds is his replacement, with #18 Tony Satini dropping off the five-man bench. Kieran Foran will play despite being in doubt through injury.

Welcome to Allianz Stadium in Moore Park for this 2013 Grand Final rematch between the Sydney Roosters and Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. Tonight it's a battle of the birds as they meet for the first time in the 2014 season. Kick off is set down for 7:45pm, but the field is soaked as the rain has hung over Sydney the past few days.

1: We are UNDERWAY at Allianz Stadium as Steve Matai kicks off for the Sea Eagles, Sam Moa takes the first hit up for the Roosters

1: Mitchell Pearce completes the set with a long kick downfield, it's allowed to bounce over the sideline by David Williams. Scrum packs for Manly 15 metres off their own goal line.

2: ZERO TACKLE is ruled for the Sea Eagles off the scrum as Roger Tuivasa-Sheck got a hand to a floating pass. Manly attack on their own 20 metre line.

3: Daly Cherry-Evans rockets a kick on the last tackle downfield and it's allowed to roll behind the goal line. 20 metre restart is ruled for the Roosters.

4: First penalty of the match ruled to the Roosters as Glenn Stewart collected James Maloney in a high tackle. The Roosters march up to 25 metres out from the Sea Eagles try line.

5: Peta Hiku with a great catch in goal off a kick from Maloney. However, a chance for points went begging in the set as Boyd Cordner just fell short of the try off a bullet pass from Mitchell Pearce. 20 metre tap restarts the play off the Peta Hiku catch.

6: Penalty awarded to the Sea Eagles as Frank Paul Nuuausala took Glenn Stewart around the neck in a tackle.

6: Solid defence on the goal line by the Roosters as Daly Cherry-Evans linked with Peta Hiku to try and crack the line for first points, but the scramble defence covers.

8: Cherry-Evans rolls a kick end on end but it's too deep as it rolls dead behind the goal line. Anthony Minichiello watches it and earns a 20 metre tap as a result.

9: Mitchell Pearce comes up with a mistake in a tackle of Brenton Lawrence and Manly attack on halfway on the zero tackle.

9: Justin Horo caught in a solid tackle and he loses possession, zero tackle now with the Roosters 10 metres short of halfway

10: Sam Moa wrapped up around the mid section in a tackle and the ball comes free. Handling of the Steeden as been poor as the wet ground making it hard to handle. Scrum for the Sea Eagles deep in their own half.

11: Penalty to the Sea Eagles against Michael Jennings as he was penalised for hand on the ball in the ruck after the held call. Manly with a long kick finds them 35 metres out from the Roosters goal line.

12: Justin Horo dived for the kick on the try line from Foran but he was unable to come up with possession. Line drop out is called for the Roosters as Manly get a repeat set.

13: Anthony Minichiello with a great covering run to the in goal area, Cheyse Blair unable to race in to take the cross field kick from Cherry-Evans. Another line drop out for the Roosters as Manly continue to build pressure.

14: Kieran Foran looked to dart between defenders of the Roosters as the Sea Eagles attack looked a little flat off the line drop out. The Roosters clean up the loose ball and the pressure is released.

16: Mitchell Pearce puts up a towering bomb on the last tackle for the Roosters, it's taken well on the goal line by Peta Hiku but wasn't in goal. Roosters chasers meet him on his 10 metre line.

16: Kieran Foran rockets a kick on the 4th tackle and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck cleans up the kick on his 10 metre line before being collected 20 metres out from his own try line.

17: Anthony Minichiello under pressure knocks on in the attempt to take the kick from Mitchell Pearce. Manly with possession 25 metres off their own line on the zero tackle.

18: Aidan Guerra is penalised for holding down in the ruck after the held call came. Manly through Cherry-Evans finds the sideline and the Sea Eagles begin their set 35 metres out.

19: Time off here at Allianz Stadium as Glenn Stewart has been cleaned up with a shoulder from Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

Penalty goal attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.

Jamie Lyon strikes a successful penalty goal as Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was placed ON REPORT for a high tackle/shoulder charge on Glenn Stewart. Stewart has been assisted off the field and will be tested for concussion.

23: Peta Hiku races downfield off the kick from Cherry-Evans as SKD is taken over the dead ball line. Another line drop out for the Roosters to give the Sea Eagles a repeat set.

24: Penalty to Manly against Sam Moa for being not square at marker. Quick tap taken by Matt Ballin 20 metres from the Roosters goal line.

Scored by Cheyse Blair. Kick to come.

Cheyse Blair finishes off a great running play from Manly as they spread wide to the left. Matai links with him as he drew the defence towards him to create the overlap.

Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon unsuccessful.

Jamie Lyon from the western sideline is unable to convert the opening four-pointer.

28: Penalty to the Roosters as the Sea Eagles defenders were ruled offside. Kick for the sideline gives the Roosters possession on halfway

31: Anthony Minichiello is penalised was he flew in on Peta Hiku to stop his run off the Mitchell Pearce kick. Manly with a helping hand out of their own read zone, they attack 30 metres out from their own line.

33: Steve Matai wrapped up Minichiello in a strong tackle in goal, he was forced back 10 metres to the in goal. But Matai did pick up a knee injury in the process. Line drop out with the Sea Eagles.

35: ZERO TACKLE ruled for the Sea Eagles as the ball is knocked down by the Roosters. Manly attack 10 metres out with a full set.

35: Daniel Tupou is swamped by four Manly defenders as he picked up the Hiku grubber kick. Line drop out again for the Roosters.

David Williams makes an unforced error.

David Williams was unable to take a floating pass as Manly threatened the eastern side of the Roosters defence. Scrum feed for the Roosters 18 metres out from their own line.

39: Anthony Watmough drops his lollies as he marched through a tackle. The Roosters with a chance just before half time as they attack 40 metres out from the Sea Eagles try line.

39: Kane Evans is handled in a tackle and the wet conditions force out the ball. Manly will have the final say in this match through a scrum feed.

40: HALF TIME at Allianz Stadium sees the Sea Eagles flying ahead of the Roosters 6-0. Penalties and possession against the Roosters as they head into the sheds after 40 minutes.

40: Second half is underway here at Allianz Stadium as the Roosters through James Maloney kick off.

41: Daly Cherry-Evans bolted 40 metres down field, used a chip and chase over the fullback of the Roosters but the bouncing ball is collected by Aidan Guerra.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck makes an unforced error.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck with a no look pass sees the ball go to ground. Scrum for Manly 20 metres out from the Roosters goal line.

Jamie Buhrer makes an unforced error.

Jamie Buhrer unable to take a quick pass as Manly look to get a on roll, but floating pass from dummy half is too much to handle. Scrum for the Roosters on their 10 metre line.

43: James Maloney rolls the ball long downfield to end the set, it bounces over the sideline at the junction of the 10 metre line. Scrum for the Sea Eagles packs down as a result.

45: Kick from Foran rolls over the sideline just before the corner. End to end stuff here at Allianz sees a scrum pack for the Roosters.

47: A 40/20 attempt from the Roosters but it's just short as Peta Hiku collected the bouncing ball. He races back to centre field to link with Williams.

James Maloney makes an unforced error.

James Maloney with a pass out in front of him juggles the wet Steeden and it goes to ground. Zero tackle for the Sea Eagles just shy of the half way line.

49: An incredible passage of play as the Roosters turned defence into attack as a loose ball was dived on by the Roosters. They attacked quickly through Mitchell Pearce but the floating offload was knocked down by the Sea Eagles and they bolted downfield through Ballin. Manly on a roll as they march to halfway.

52: Daniel Tupou takes a floating kick in goal and it's a 20 metre tap for the Roosters. A let off for the tri-colours as Manly looked to post their second try of the contest.

53: Anthony Minichiello was left without room to collect the ball as he knocked it over the sideline. Tupou unable to get hands to the ball, scrum for Manly deep in their own half.

54: Penalty to the Sea Eagles as the Roosters get hands in the ruck. The Roosters not on their game tonight.

54: Another penalty give to the Sea Eagles as Boyd Cordner came in as third-man in a tackle. Sea Eagles attack 30 metres out, penalty count is now 8-2 to the Sea Eagles.

Kieran Foran makes an unforced error.

Kieran Foran took a dive for the try line off a grubber from Ballin which deflected off the feet of Aubusson. Scrum for the Roosters on their own 10 metre line.

60: 20 minutes remain at Allianz Stadium, the Roosters struggling with the penalty count and lack of possession. Manly forwards rolling but unable to crack the line defence.

62: Peta Hiku brilliant under pressure to take a bomb while being covered by three Roosters chasers. Manly with possession deep in their own half

63: James Maloney swoops on a loose ball and the Roosters go on the attack 30 metres out from the Sea Eagles line. They must score in this set.

Michael Jennings makes an unforced error.

Michael Jennings danced around down the western side but looked to reach out for goal line but drops it! A bombed four-pointer sees points go begging. Scrum for the Sea Eagles.

66: Another mistake from the Roosters sees the Sea Eagles pack a scrum. Field goal could be an option here as the Roosters defence can't be cracked.

Field goal attempt by Steve Matai unsuccessful.

Steve Matai with a field goal attempt from wide out, just 10 metres off the goal line.

69: Daniel Tupou is tackled by Jamie Lyon and the ball is dropped over the sideline. Change over for the Sea Eagles 10 metres off their own line.

Peta Hiku makes an unforced error.

Peta Hiku fumbles the ball and the Roosters will get a shot at the goal line 10 metres out from a scrum feed.

73: VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters - Tupou has slid in, but we have NO TRY for obstruction

75: NO TRY! RED LIGHTS for the Roosters, Tupou is denied. Penalty for an obstruction as Pearce ran behind Cordner.

76: Penalty goes to the Sea Eagles for a high tackle. Foran kicks for the sideline and Manly attack 20 metres out from the touch finder.

Anthony Watmough makes an unforced error.

Anthony Watmough has fumbled the ball in the ruck as he tried to play it too quickly. Scrum for the Roosters as we head into the final 5 minutes.

76: Anthony Minichiello is called back from his charging run as the pass from Michael Jennings to Tupou was called forward. Scrum packs for the Sea Eagles 35 metres from the try line.

Field goal attempt by Daly Cherry-Evans unsuccessful.

Cherry-Evans looked to snap a field goal but it's charged down by Boyd Cordner. Zero tackle is ruled.

78: Sam Moa took an intercept, but before the Roosters could get on a roll the ball is dropped. Manly will try and snap another field goal as they attack 15 metres out

79: Penalty Manly as James Maloney was ruled offside as he picked up the loose pass. Jamie Lyon lines up the penalty goal.

Penalty goal attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.

Jamie Lyon snaps the penalty goal and the Sea Eagles win.

80: FULL TIME at Allianz Stadium as seen the scrappy affair ending with the Sea Eagles defeating the 2013 Premiers, the Roosters, 8-0. The Sea Eagles didn't win convincingly as the goal line defence of the Roosters stood tall only conceding the single try. A majority of possession with the Sea Eagles, plus a lop-sided penalty count saw the Sea Eagles control the match.