Steve Back with his Beloved

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Steve Falconer is back with his beloved Dolphins. Club physiotherapist in the halcyon 1990s through to 1999, Steve gave up looking after the Redcliffe senior grades in 2000.

"I was working six days a week in those times and my two young children became my priority," he said. "But now I'm back with the Dolphins and really enjoying it."

Proprietor of the Entire Health group,Steve and his friendly team look after the physiotherapy needs of not only the Queensland Cup side but also the A grade and Colts.

"We have a total of five physios on deck as well as three massage therapists, three podiatrists and a psychologist," he said. "And this is all backed up by a full gym at Entire Fitness.

"I answered a distress call from the club to look after the Dolphins and I'm glad I did. "We get along well with the coaches and players and there is a new enthusiasm at the club.

"The players are professionals in all but name. They are either training or playing seven days a week. They have a real work ethic.

"The players are more aware of how their bodies operate and are willing to put in the time and effort to recover from their injuries, which to us is very satisfying. The rehabilitation unit ensures that no player should miss training, whether it's with us or the team."

Steve said his Entire Health team boasted extensive international experience with Lorna Golombick, from Zimbabwe, having worked in the United States, and his own time in Canada. They are joined by James Handyside, Bianca Ivers and West Australian Jeremy Wisdom.

Steve said his organisation was keen to expand its role with the Dolphins into the juniors next season.

"Our practice deals with a lot of sports injuries as well as back and neck pain, headaches and work injuries,'' he said.

"We also have full gym facilities for post-injury rehabilitation and hydrotherapy is coming soon."

Entire Health and Fitness is located on Oxley Avenue, Margate (3284 6383) and Entire Health North Lakes is above the tavern at Westfield North Lakes (3491 6166).