Sydney Green Brigade: Raiders v

Sydney Green Brigade : Raiders v Warriors - Aussie Stadium.

The SGB will once again be in attendance at Aussie Stadium as the Raiders prepare for an all important finals match against the in form New Zealand Warriors.

To take advantage of a current ticketek offer the SGB will be seated in category one seating and although this deal does not allow you to specify what bay you choose to sit in the SGB will come together at the game never the less as the crowd expected isnt great and should allow us room to move!

The offer ticketek is running is a two for one deal obtained through online booking. This is a great offer and enables people to purchase tickets in category one seats for cheaper than they could normally obtain for category 3 seating. The deal ends on Thursday though so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible in Category One.

To ensure we come together as a group and can therefore do our best and be our loudest in supporting the mighty green machine please arrive at the ground early as to ensure you can locate us. We intend on sitting on the eastern side of the ground (opposite the players tunnel) as close to the 50m line as possible and should be easily found by finding our large number of flags.

Despite the difficult circumstances all are welcome to join us in supporting the Raiders and i hope to see all Raiders fans together on Saturday night to get our boys over the line. Cheers Ben Cheeseman Sydney Green Brigade