Tallis Ticked Off For Fighting

Kangaroos captain-in-waiting Gorden Tallis has been given a stern rebuke by National Rugby League (NRL) chief executive David Gallop for not condemning Sunday's brawl at Ericsson Stadium involving the New Zealand Warriors and Brisbane.

The NRL boss ? who censured judiciary commissioner Jim Hall on Tuesday for not taking action against brawlers ? turned his attention to Tallis who took issue with the threat of $A20,000 ($NZ22,550) fines for melees.

The Broncos skipper earned Gallop's ire when he said the NRL had over-reacted and "we don't want to turn it into a soft game".

"He's well aware that he's a role model to a lot of kids and that protracted fighting on the field is not a good look and nor does it set a good example," Gallop said.

"Gordie's got a great standing in the game... but I don't support his comments that (suggest) wild fist fighting is part of the game."

Tallis said he stood by his comments in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

"I haven't changed my opinion. I think it's a tough game and the game's as clean as it has ever been," he said.

Gallop reiterated that although the brawl may have been an isolated incident the game should just say "oh well, that doesn't happen very often so we won't do anything about it."