Taranaki Rugby League Start
Developement Grade Competition

The Taranaki Rugby League Development Grade Competition has started with four premier clubs being part of the draw. Waitara, Ngati Ruanui, Western Suburbs and Coastal Rugby League Clubs are participating in this competition that will run through the season to coincide with the Lile Shield Finals Series at the end of July.

The idea behind the concept is to provide games for those players that already exist and to encourage more players to the games Taranaki Rugby League are providing. As some clubs do not have the player strength of other clubs the competition is going to be flexible as to how many take to the field. If a game needs to be 7-aside or 10-aside then this is what will be played to keep the competition running and to encourage those players that are sitting on the fringes to participate. Where possible these games will be played on Saturday as curtain raiser to the Western Alliance Competition games.

Taranaki Rugby League spokesperson, Howie Tamati, says ?It has been a number of years since we have had a second tier competition and the Taranaki Rugby League see it as important to the growth of the sport and our future in the Western Alliance Competition. We are encouraging anyone with an interest in rugby league to come and have a run with the clubs?.

Waitara played Ngati Ruanui in the first Development Grade on Sunday as curtain raiser to the Waitara Bears v Levin Lions Western Alliance Competition. The result of this game was 12-10 to Waitara.