The Dragon Army travel to

The two best things to come out of last weeks gallant loss to the Panthers out at Penrith Park. Firstly, the club showed a lot more heart ? in previous weeks, it would?ve been 48-8 instead of 18-8; secondly, English referee Russell Smith cannot referee us two weeks in a row.

On Saturday, the Dragons face a Canberra Raiders side who are coming off a gutsy win away to South Sydney, but it?s been speculated (again!) that Barrett is returning & with Ennis & Sims returning from suspension, Saints should be more than a match for the Lime Splices.

The turn-out & support that the Dragon Army gave the team last weekend in Penrith was encouraging& with a bit of luck, the 2 points would?ve been ours. Everyone is welcome to make the trip down to Canberra & join the Army to help support the boys & secure our first win of the season at the venue of the first ever win in the Joint Venture?s history.

Kick-off is at 7:30pm ? bring your flags & signs, wear your red & white, bring your voices & Fire Up!

GETTING THERE & AWAY: The best way to get to Canberra from Sydney is by private transport. Canberra is an easy trip of about three hours down the M5 Motorway. Once you?re in the nation?s capital, the stadium is located in the suburb of Bruce. Directory websites like will have detailed directions on getting to the ground.

You can also get to Canberra via bus or train. The train is impractical as it returns to Sydney before the end of the game & is not real value-for-money. The club is planning to run coaches from the St George Leagues Club & the Steelers club. Please ring the clubs on 9587 1966 & 4225 8299 respectively for details.

TICKET PRICES: Tickets are available from the gate for $18. It is as yet unclear whether the $8 season ticket-holder deal is available but it would be worth trying your luck.

WHERE ARE THE ARMY SITTING?: The Dragon Army will be sitting (or standing at the Southern end of Canberra Stadium, to the south-west side of the posts. Just follow the colour & noise.

BEST PUBS:.If you?re not making the drive back up to Sydney on the night, there are a few establishments in the suburb of Kingston that a worth a look. The beers will taste all that much better as we toast our first win of the season.