The Harold Matthews Cup Competition
This Weekend

This weekend will see the New South Wales Rugby League conducting the Harold Matthews Cup competition in the Illawarra district. Nineteen (19) teams from throughout NSW and one (1) from Victoria will participate in over 50 matches during the weekend. Venues for matches will be Reed Park Dapto and Sid Parish Park Figtree.

Teams representing all the metropolitan clubs plus teams from Canberra, Maitland, Central Coast, Groups 2, 7 & 18 and Victoria will be competing to be the 2003 Harold Matthews Cup Champions. This equates to over 1000 players, officials, support staff parents and supporters all descending on the Illawarra district for the weekend.

The Harold Matthews Cup is an under 15 years competition and is the first run of the NSWRL Junior Representative program. Over the years this competition has been the starting point for many of the games top players.

This year the format will see 4 pools of 5 teams playing off on Saturday with the Plate and main draw semis played on Sunday. The winners of the Main draw semi finals will then play off the following weekend (Sunday 21st) at Aussie Stadium as part of the pre game entertainment to the NRL Semi Finals series matches.

The NSWRL would like to thank the people of the Illawarra especially the Illawarra Rugby League, Dapto JRL and Wests Illawarra JRL for their support in the conducting of this year's competition. A lot of hard work by a great many volunteers has gone into the preparation for this weekend's competition.

The Draw:

Saturday 13th September: Pool 1: Penrith North Sydney South Sydney Western Suburbs Manly

Pool 2: Parramatta Group 2 St George Canberra Victoria

At Reed Park, Dapto: [Oval 1 / Oval 2] 9.00am - North Sydney v South Sydney / Parramatta v Group 2 9.50am - Penrith v Manly / St George v Canberra 10.40am - South Sydney v Western Suburbs / Parramatta v Victoria 11.30am - Penrith V North Sydney / Group 2 v St George 12.20pm - Western Suburbs v Manly / Canberra v Victoria 1.10pm - Penrith v South Sydney / Parramatta v St George 2.00pm - North Sydney v Western Suburbs / Group 2 v Canberra 2.50pm - South Sydney v Manly / St George v Victoria 3.40pm - Penrith v Western Suburbs / Parramatta v Canberra 4:30pm - North Sydney v Manly / Group 2 v Victoria

Saturday 13th September: Pool 3: Illawarra Newcastle Cronulla CC Rip Group 18

Pool 4: Canterbury Balamin Group 7 Sydney Roosters Maitland

At Parish Park, Figtree: [Oval 1 / Oval 2] 9.00am - Illawarra v Newcastle / Balmain v Group 7 9.50am - Cronulla v CC Rip / Canterbury v Maitland 10.40am - Illawarra v Group 18 / Group 7 v Sydney Roosters 11.30am - Newcastle v Cronulla / Canterbury v Balmain 12.20pm - CC Rip v Group 18 / Sydney Roosters v Maitland 1.10pm - Illawarra v Cronulla / Canterbury v Group 7 2.00pm - Newcastle v CC Rip / Balmain v Sydney Roosters 2.50pm - Cronulla v Group 18 / Group 7 v Matiland 3.40pm - Illawarra v CC Rip / Canterbury v Sydney Roosters 4:30pm - Newcastle v Group 18 / Balmain v Maitland

Sunday 14th September: At Reed Park, Dapto: [Oval 1 / Oval 2] 9.00am - Game 1: 1st Pool 3 v 2nd Pool 1 / Game 2: 1st Pool 4 v 2nd Pool 2 9.50am - Game 3: 1st Pool 1 v 2nd Pool 4 / Game 4: 1st Pool 2 v 2nd Pool 3 10.40am - Game 5: Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2 11.30am - Game 6: Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4

At Parish Park, Figtree (Plate Games): [Oval 1 / Oval 2] 8.30am - Game 1: 3rd Pool 1 v 4th Pool 2 / Game B: 4th Pool 3 v 3rd Pool 4 9.20am - Game C: 4th Pool 1 v 3rd Pool 2 / Game D: 3rd Pool 3 v 4th Pool 4 11.00am - Game E: Winner Game A v Winner Game B / Game F: Winner Game C v Winner Game D 12.40pm - Plate Final: Winner Game 9 v 10