Toyota Cup: Reigning Premiers knocked out by Roosters

The reigning Toyota Cup premiers, the Warriors have been knocked out of the finals race by the Sydney Roosters with a 26-10 defeat. The Roosters remained structured as the Warriors failed to mount pressure during the contest.

The Warriors did attempt a fight back after trailing 10-nil, but it was to no avail. The dead lock was broken in the 65th minute as the Roosters proceeded to run away with the match. As a result of the Roosters winning, they advance to in the preliminary finals to play the Wests Tigers at ANZ Stadium Saturday 22 September.

ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park
Saturday 15 September 2012, kickoff 5:15pm
Live TV: FOX Sports
Referee: Grant Atkins


Warriors: 1. Peta Hiku 2. Viliami Lolohea 3. Ngani Laumape 4. Ngataua Hukatai 5. David Fusitua 6. Carlos Tuimavave 7. Mason Lino 8. Ligi Sao 9. Siliva Havili 10. Siulongoua Fotofili 11. John Palavi 12. Sio Siua Taukeiaho 13. David Bhana 
Interchange: 14. Trent Bishop 15. Toka Likiliki 16. Nathaniel Peteru 17. Albert Vete 18. Omar Slaimankhel 20. James Taylor 21. Braxton Stanley

Roosters: 1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2. Usaia O'Sullivan 3. Curtis Rona 4. Joseph Forrester 19. Chris Taripo 6. Samisoni Langi 7. Ryley Jacks 8. Dylan Napa 9. Dean Blackman 10. Kane Evans 11. Rhyse Martin 12. Sam Bernstrom 13. Jack Noble 
Interchange: 14. Jack Siejka 15. Shaquille Blair 16. Tuiala Togitasi 17. John Asiata

Tries: Ngataua Hukatai, David Fusitua

Conversions: Mason Lino (1/2)

Tries: Ryley Jacks, Chris Tapiro (2), Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Conversions: Chris Tapiro (2/4)
Penalty Goal: Chris (1/1)

John Palavi - on report for a shoulder charge (head high contact)


FULL TIME at ANZ STADIUM has seen the ROOSTERS defeat the Warriors 26-10. As a result, the Warriors are knocked out of the finals race. While the Roosters advance to face the Wests Tigers next week in the preliminary final.

(Roosters 26-10)
Try: Chris Taripo
Conversion: Chris Tapiro (4/6)
78th minute - Chris Taripo as taken a short pass and dived over in the corner for his second four-pointer. A great piece of work from the outside back. He however, was unable to convert from the sideline.

76th minute -
Ryley Jacks looked for a field goal attempt but the Roosters spread it wide and the Warriors knocked down the intercept. Scrum feed for the Roosters and a chance to seal the win

75th minute - 
Toka Likiliki trying to milk a penalty lost concentration as he played the ball and lost it. The Roosters get the ball straight back with a scrum feed on their 30 metre line

74th minute -
Jack Noble knocked on at the scrum bases and the Warriors now pack down a scrum feed on the Roosters 40 metre line.

ROOSTERS TRY (Roosters 22-10)
Try: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Conversion: Chris Tapiro (3/5)
70th minute - Samisoni Langi has darted between the Warriors defenders after taking an offload to crash over to put this game beyond the Warriors. Chris Taripo with the conversion extends the lead

67th minute -
Penalty to the Roosters for the Warriors being ruled offside at the kick restart. Bad to worse for the Warriors

Goal: Chris Taripo (2/4)
66th minute - Chris Tapiro from in front extends the lead as he slots the two points with the penalty goal

65th minute - Sio Siua Taukeiaho has jumped too quickly off the goal line to tackle Dean Blackman, he has been penalised and the Roosters will take the penalty goal

ROOSTERS TRY (Roosters 14-10)
Try: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Conversion: Chris Tapiro (1/3)
62nd minute - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has burrowed his way under the two Warriors goal line defenders from acting half to break this dead lock. Chris Tapiro has shanked the kick from the touchline.

60th minute - 20 minutes to play here at ALLIANZ STADIUM and neither side has been able to finish up their attacking opportunities. But have attacked and posted nothing. Score remains 10-all

59th minute - Dean Blackman managed to grubber kick away as he slipped over. Slaimankhel attempted to pick up the ball under the sticks and knocked on. Scrum feed to the Roosters on the 10 metre line

57th minute - Samisoni Langi gets the RED LIGHTS as it was ruled that Martin got a hand to the ball and knocked it on in the contest of the Ryley Jacks high ball. Warriors now with possession on the 20 metre line. 

57th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, Samisoni Langi is claiming points. Looked to be a knock on

56th minute - Dean Blackman is down after getting a head knock from the shoulder of John Palavi, as a result he is penalised and placed on report.

55th minute - Usaia O'Sullivan defused the bomb in goal to earn his side a 20 metre optional restart. The Warriors unable to crack the line and we are still locked up

53rd minute - Penalty to the Warriors for the Roosters breaking from the scrum before the ball cleared the back of the ruck. The Warriors kick upfield and start their set on their 40 metre line.

53rd minute - Rhyse Martin has been pinged for throwing a forward pass to his winger in O'Sullivan

52th minute - Viliami Lolohea has been penalised for tackling the Roosters jumping player in the air as he contested the ball. Roosters on the attack 10 metres out from the Warriors line.

51st minute - Toka Likiliki in the tackle dropped the ball and it's come up with by the Roosters. Usaia O'Sullivan gains 30 metres before getting tackled as the zero tackle call is signalled.

50th minute - Penalty to the Warriors for a two on one strip from Roger Tuivasa-Sheck on the Warriors Trent Bishop. Again they have a full set 10 metres from the Roosters line.

49th minute - Omar Slaimankhel grubber it to the corner but it was hit but Curits Rona as he was taken by Roger Tuivasa-Sheck in goal. So, the Warriors force a repeat set with a goal line drop out.

48th minute - Toka Likiliki dives on the dropped by from Kane Evans. Zero tackle for the Warriors and they attack 20 metres out.

47th minute -
 NO TRY! Slaimankhel is denied as he had the ball stripped out by the Roosters defence. The call is that the ball was lost in the field of play on the last tackle so the Roosters will get the change over on the 10 metre line.

47th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Warriors, Slaimankhel has reached out for the line

44th minute - Penalty awarded to the Warriors against Sam Bernstrom and Rhyse Martin for a strip in the ruck. Warriors kick for touch and start their set on the Warriors 40 metre line.

41st minute - Warriors kick off and the second half is UNDERWAY with the game locked at 10-all

HALF TIME here at ALLIANZ STADIUM sees the Warriors and Roosters locked at 10-all after the Roosters lead 10-nil.

Try: David Fusitua
Conversion: Mason Lino (1/2)
37th minute - A shocker of a kick from the Warriors as turned it gold as David Fusitua on the right wing took the ball and danced his way over in the corner. A spectacular leapt as seen the Warriors hit back with points. Mason Lino with the conversion locks the game at 10-all 

33th minute -
NO TRY is spun up. On the last for the Warriors, Lino puts up a shocker of kick and it was easily collected by Roger Tuivasa-Sheck at the mouth of the posts.

33th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Warriors again, didn't look like he got it down. Rona saving it

32nd minute -
Kane Evans has dropped it cold in the tackle of Mason Lino. The Warriors with another chance for points with a scrum feed 10 metres out.

31st minute -
REFS CALL is spun up and Slaimankhel is ruled to be held up on the last tackle. One more just for the Warriors here.

31st minute - VIDEO REFREE for the Warriors. Slaimankhel dived out and is claiming points

30th minute - Mason Lino on the last tackle put in a short grubber kick, but it wasn't very effective as Ryley Jacks dived on the ball shy of his goal line.

29th minute - Viliami Lolohea went through a yawning gap looking for the goal line, but Roger Tuivasa-Sheck came up with a one on one strip and dropped it. So, another chance for the Warriors with a scrum feed 10 metres from the Roosters line.

TRY WARRIORS (Roosters 10-4)
Try: Ngataua Hukatai
Conversion: Mason Lino (0/1)
25th minute - The Warriors on the last play ball a great passage of jungle ball which saw the ball spread from left to right and then back to the left with Omar Slaimankhel. He managed to link up with Ngataua Hukatai who raced around in the corner. Mason Lino from the sideline pushed it to the left of the posts.

23rd minute - Penalty to the Warriors against Sam Bernstrom for laying in the ruck too long. The Warriors kick up field and start their set on the Roosters 40 metre line.

17th minute - Siliva Havili dived through a massive gap but the Roosters scrambling defence managed to hold him up. However on the next play the Warriors are pinged for a forward pass short of the goal line. Scrum feed to the Roosters.

16th minute - Play is back underway with the Warriors getting a penalty for the Roosters player ruled offside at the play of the ball.

16th minute - Time off here as Samisoni Langi is getting some attention from the trainers after getting some friendly fire from Sam Bernstrom. 

ROOSTERS TRY (Roosters 10-0)
Try: Ryley Jacks
Conversion: Chris Tapiro
13th minute - The Roosters have claimed their second try after some great lead up work from Kane Evans and Usaia O'Sullivan. Evans firstly linked with O'Sullivan who sprinted 60 metres before getting tackled by Omar Slaimankhel short of the 10 metre line. On the next play the Roosters spread the play across the field, Jack Noble provided a lovely 'around the corner' ball for Chris Tapiro who dived over in the corner.

8th minute - Joseph Forrester on the end of a good spreading play but he attempted the offload and knocked on. The Warriors come away with the ball on the zero tackle.

6th minute - A great kick from Ryley Jack earns his side a line drop out as the Warriors are forced in goal.

5th minute - A penalty to the Sydney Roosters after the kick restart as there was a hand in the ruck after the held call. They find touch and start their set on the 40 metres line of the Warriors

ROOSTERS TRY (Roosters 4-0)
Try: Ryley Jacks
Conversion: Chris Tapiro
3rd minute - Ryley Jacks is awarded the four-pointer as he took on the line with a show and a go and dived over for first points. Chris Tapiro with the kicking duties slots the extra two points.

3rd minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, Ryley Jacks dummied and darted over

2nd minute - Penalty to the Roosters for a high shot from Ligi Sao as he held the neck. They find touch and march up to the Warriors 30 metre line.

1st minute - Good opening set from the Warriors to start this match. A long kick from David Bhana which sees the ball collected by the Roosters fullback

1st minute - We are UNDERWAY in this second semi-final as the Sydney Roosters kick off.

We are minutes away from kick off here at ANZ STADIUM, the winner of this match will play the WESTS TIGERS