Toyota Cup: Tigers upset minor premiers

The Wests Tigers have come from behind to cause an upset over the Toyota Cup minor premiership the Bulldogs with a 24-20 victory. The Wests Tigers advance to the third week of the finals. The Bulldogs battle for their preliminary finals spot against the Dragons as they downed the Panthers 44-20. See how this Toyota Cup match played out below.

ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic ParkFriday 7 September 2012, kickoff 5:15pm
Referee: Shane Rehm Sideline Officials: Peter Gough and Jay Farlow 
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Half time: Bulldogs 10 Tigers 6


Bulldogs: 1. Patrick Templeman 2. Samisoni Ahofono 3. Matthew Fukofuka 4. Edward Murphy 5. Jon Talioe Sila 6. Jaline Graham 7. Moses Mbye 8. Leilani Latu 8. David Klemmer 9. Dean Janda 10. Oliver Gordon 11. Tupou Sopoaga 12. David Minute 13. Paul Carter

Interchange: 14. Gerard McCallum 15. James Ralphs 16. Lachlan Burr 24. Lloyd Perrett

Wests Tigers: 1. Kurtis Rowe 2. David Nofoaluma 3. Brad Soe 4. Asipeli Fine 5. Marika Koroibete 6. Matt Mulcahy 7. Jacob Miller 8. Sauaso Sue 9. Ben Saunders 10. Mosese Fotuaika 11. Joel Luani 12. Kyle Lovett 13. Inno Inosesio 

Interchange: 14. Soni Paasi 15. Nathan Brown 16. Brenden Santi 17. Sitaleki Akauola

Tries: Patrick Templeman, Matthew Fukofuka (2), Tupou Sopoaga
Goals: Patrick Templeman (2/4)

Tries: Marika Koroibete, Matt Mulcahy (2), Asipeli Fine
Goals: Jacob Miller (4/4)

LIVE UPDATES :: MATCH STATUS - FULL TIME                                  

80th minute - Jacob Miller fires the ball over the sideline to end the game as the siren sounds. The Wests Tigers hold on after they trailed 14-6, a massive fight back to cause an upset over the Toyota Cup minor premiers

78th minute - Penalty to the Wests Tigers for David Minute ruled offside at the kick. Tigers should hold on here 

77th minute - Play continues with the Bulldogs attacking on their 20 metre line on the second tackle.

77th minute - The medicab is on the field for him now after he was collected by Koroibete's leg. Marika made contact with his leg and which is why he went to down.

77th minute - Time off here with Templeman down. Video referee looking at a possible high shot.
75th minute - Penalty to the Wests Tigers for the markers ruled not square and got involved in the play. A helpful penalty to get the Tigers out of their 10 metre zone

73rd minute - Kurtis Rowe lets the Bulldogs kick roll over the touch in goal line. The Tigers come up possession with a 20 metre restart.

72nd minute - Benden Santi unable to take the pass at the line and coughs up possession. The Bulldogs get the zero tackle on their own 10 metre line

71st minute - Koroibete gets RED LIGHTS as the video referee says knock on. On the next play for the Bulldogs they knock on and the Tigers go back on the attack 20 metres out

71st minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Tigers, Koroibete is claiming points. Looking at a knock on 

69th minute - Penalty to the Wests Tigers for a strip against the Bulldogs. The Penalty count stands at 6-3 in favour of the Tigers. They march up to the 30 metre line.

Try - Tupou Sopoaga; Goal -  Patrick Templeman 2/4

66th minute - Tupou Sopoaga reached out for the line after the Bulldogs throw the ball and create a run around play. The Tigers unable to defend the attack. Templeman with the conversion closes the game to four points.

Try - Asipeli Fine; Goal -  Jacob Miller 4/4

61st minute - The Wests Tigers go back to back as Asipeli Fine claims his four-pointer thanks to a long cut out pass from Jacob Miller. The Bulldogs well on the back foot now. Jacob Miller struck the conversion beautifully from the sideline to add the extras.

Try - Matt Mulcahy (2nd); Goal -  Jacob Miller 3/3

57th minute - Matt Mulcahy has claimed his second four-pointer after a show and a go. His speed again saw him break the tackle and dived over in the corner. A great piece of play from the Tigers. Miller from the touchline hits the uprights and bounces over.

54 minute - Asipeli Fine plucked the kick out of the air but unable to ground it cleanly in the eyes of the video referee. It looked like a try but the red lights were spun up

53 minute - Ben Saunders slipped over and fell short of the line and was deined by the video referee.

Try - Matt Mulcahy; Goal -  Jacob Miller 2/2

51st minute - Matt Mulcahy has closed the points gap with a massive run from acting half to get the Tigers back in the game. His solo effort showed up the Bulldogs defence who failed to get a hand on him. Jacob Miller slots the conversion to make it a two point game.

Try - Matthew Fukofuka (2nd); Goal -  Patrick Templeman 1/3

43rd minute - Matthew Fukofuka has dived in the corner after taking a short pass from Jon Sila. The Bulldogs turned defence into attack by going 100 metres in their set to post points. Templeman's conversion goes wide of the posts

41st minute - We are back underway for the second half here at ANZ Stadium as the Bulldogs fire the ball down field. Three tackles into the set and they give away a penalty for slowing down the ruck. 

HALF TIME: Bulldogs 10 Wests Tigers 6

Try - Marika Koroibete; Goal -  Jacob Miller 1/1

40th minute - Just as the Bulldogs looked to finish with the ball in the first half. Templeman dropped the ball to give the Tigers a chance and they capitalised as Marika Koroibete showed us his speed to streak away 90 metres to score an amazing try. Jacob Miller slot the conversion attempt to close the gap to four points.

34th minute - Brenden Santi came up with a one on one strip, but then Santi failed to hold on to the ball in the next tackle of the Bulldogs. Scrum feed for the Bulldogs on their 20 metre line.

32th minute - A penalty to the Wests Tigers for the Bulldogs not clearing the ruck fast enough. The Tigers go on the attack 40 metres out from the Bulldogs line.

30th minute - The touch judge rules a forward pass from the Bulldogs as they looked points in the corner. A lucky one for the Wests Tigers as they pack a scrum on their 10 metre line

29th minute - Patrick Templeman nails a 40/20 kick and the Bulldogs on the attack only 10 metres from the Tigers line with a scrum feed

27th minute - Asipeli Fine almost came up with first points for the Tigers as a cross field kick from Matt Mulcahy landed in his hands. No points awarded as he dropped it at the death.

26th minute - Penalty as gone to the Wests Tigers for the Bulldogs ruled offside inside the 10 metres. The touch finders marches them up to the Bulldogs 40 metre line

Try - Matthew Fukofuka; Goal -  Patrick Templeman 1/2

23rd minute -
Matthew Fukofuka with a strong off a pass from Jaline Graham has barged over through the defence to score the Bulldogs second try. A simple four-pointer as the defence were unable to stop the raid. Templeman swings the kick across the face and it's no goal.

20th minute - It's NO TRY for David Minute, no strip ruled against Kurtis Rowe as David Minute failed to hold onto the ball. Tigers come away with it.

20th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Bulldogs, David Minute is claiming, looking for a strip

Try - Patrick Templeman; Goal -  Patrick Templeman 1/1

12th minute - David Minute with a big run busted through the Wests Tigers defensive line to gain 30 metres. Before getting wrapped up by the defence he popped the pass to Patrick Templeman who backed up in support to race away and score under the posts. He converted his own try from in front

9th minute - Paul Carter running onto a short pass was unable to take it cleanly and knocks the ball on. A left off for the Wests Tigers as they don't let in points. They have the ball through a change over on the 10 metre line 

7th minute - David Nofoaluma took the kick from Mbye (Bulldogs) on the last tackle but was forced in goal and the Bulldogs earn a line drop out. Chance for points with a repeat set inside the Tigers half

5th minute - David Nofoaluma took the kick from Jacob Miller but quickly ran out of space on the near touchline. Good defence from the Bulldogs sees them not concede early points

4th minute - First penalty of the match to the Wests Tigers as Dean Janda (bulldogs) is penalised for holding down Joel Luani too long. They kick ahead and march over halfway

3rd minute - It's been end to end stuff so far, kicks finding the mark with no mistakes yet. A tough match in hand for sure

1st minute - Both sides are on the pitch and we are UNDERWAY with the Tigers kicking off. The wind will make difference here today