Triple Play QRL Junior Championships

Triple Play QRL Junior Championships - Day 5
Browne Park, Rockhampton

Under 13

NORTHERN MARLINS 24 (Alex Walker 2, Peter Ahmat, Agassi Stowers, Myles Romanello tries; Bren Foster 2 goals) def SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 4 (Hayden Hartwig try)

KOOKABURRAS 22 (Liam Bain, Luliano Muaula, Nathan Prostamo, Jesse Savage, Keanu Dawson tries; Nathan Prostamo goal) def WIDE BAY 12 (Luke Fleming, Lachlan Lanskey tries; Tom Rafter, Tim Venning goals)

SOUTH EAST QLD POINSETTIAS 18  (Calvin Pritchard, Enoka Kalapu, Albert Tanoi tries; Joshua Fauid 3 goals) def CAPRICORN CAPRAS 10 (Jake Ainsworth, Elijah Edwards tries; Jay Russell goal)

Under 13 Player of Carnival: Jake Ainsworth - Capricorn Capras

Final points: Kookaburras 23, Marlins 16, Wide Bay Bulls 14, Poinsettias 13, Mustangs 4.5, Capras 4.5

Under 14

NORTHERN MARLINS 42 (scorers unavailable) def SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS  8 
(Brodie Sharman, Wade Clewley tries)

SOUTH EAST QLD KOOKABURRAS 52 (Jayden Heu 3, Isaac Nathan, Sam Swift, Dylan Scrocca, Daymeric Pelo, Shem Vaoa, Jackson Jennings tries; Joshua Willetts 8 goals) def WIDE BAY BULLS 0 

CAPRICORN CAPRAS 44  (Brendan Dow 2, Brendan O'Neill, Mathew Milner,
Julyess Jarvis, Cooper Bambling, Sheldon Bobbert, Josh Moloney,tries; Sheldon Bobbert 6 goals)  def  SOUTH EAST QLD POINSETTIAS 6 (Thomas Sili try; Max Taamaletoa goal)

Under 14 Player of Carnival: Sheldon Bobbert- Capricorn Capras

Final points: Capras 20, Kookaburras 18, Marlins 14.5,  Poinsettias 14,  Wide Bay 7.5, Mustangs 1.

Under 16

Under 16 Player of Carnival
: Dwayne Duncan - South West Mustangs

Final points: Marlins 14, Poinsettias 9,SEQ Kookaburras 9, Capras 5.5, Wide Bay Bulls 5.5,  Mustangs 2


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