Welcome back to Kogarah

The spiritual home of rugby league for the Dragons side certainly inspired them to soundly defeat the Sharks by 28 - 12.

The Oki Jubilee Oval in Kogarah was packed to the brim with red and white everywhere, a crowd of 16,750, to see their team come home to the suburbs. And the StGeorge/Illawarra team certainly delivered. A fine performance in the first half saw the Dragons out to a commanding lead at halftime by 24 - 2.

The Sharks were at times their own worst enemies, a better second half effort saw them score 2 good tries with the wind behind them, but the outcome was never in doubt.

The Dragons playing well to christen the new Oki Jubilee Oval in style.

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - B Firman (Dragons) 2 - M Riddell (Dragons) 1 - L Bailey (Dragons)

Scorers: DRAGONS 28 Tries: Riddell, Cooper x2, Hornby, Saleh Goals: Riddell (4/6), Firman (0/1) defeated SHARKS 12 Tries: Bird, Milford Goals: Kimmorley (2/3)

By the clock:

You can't get better atmosphere than this. July 11th 1999, the last game at the Kogarah till today. A lot of dedication by a lot of people made this day come together A guard of honour from the Saints legends of old, including the likes of Raper and Gasnier, 15 in total. An amazing sight, a full house, at the new Oki Jubilee Oval.

Kick off!!

4th min: NEWS - Only 13 degrees for the crowd, with a stiff breeze which the Dragons have behind them in the first half. No showers yet have fallen on the large crowd

5th min: PENALTY GOAL - Riddell for Dragons. Following back to back penalties to the Dragons, Riddell is close enough to get an easy kick, with a wall of arms going up with his from the crowd (pictured). Dragons 2-0

9th min: PENALTY GOAL - Kimmorley for Sharks. 25 metres out, right in front, another easy kick. Dragons players penalised for being up inside the 10 metres. 2-2

13th min: PENALTY GOAL - Riddell for Dragons. Dragons hot on attack, Peachey penalised for coming up too quick when Hornby was set upon. No trouble for Riddell from right in front. Dragons 4-2

18th min: NEWS - Sharks let off the hook when the Dragons hot on attack from back to back penalties, threw a sloppy pass right into the hands of a Sharks defender. Steady start by both sides

19th min: TRY - Riddell for Dragons. Turning the ball back to the Dragons, and it didn't take them long to get back near their goal line. Riddell, very aggressive, took 2 or 3 defenders over the line with him. Riddell now with over 300 first grade points, converts his own try from out wide. The first try back at the Kogarah scored by the Dragons. Dragons 10-2

25th min: TRY - Cooper for Dragons. Beaut pass by Firman to set up Cooper through the gap and go over the line unopposed. Riddell hooks the conversion as a shower passes over the ground. Dragons 14-2

30th min: TRY - Hornby for Dragons. Following a penalty for a high shot, 2 plays later and Hornby almost crawls over the line to score, a very fired up Dragons outfit. Riddell from 15 metres infrom touch, misses the conversion. Dragons 18-2

35th min: NEWS - Bailey (Dragons) told to change in jersey and get cleaned up after a bit of claret is spread everywhere, not serious

38th min: NEWS - Penalty against Lance Thompson (Dragons) for a striking charge against Kimmorley, which is placed on report. Gasnier had gone over the line, under the posts but was called back

39th min: NEWS - A collision between Franze (Sharks) and Dragons sub Howell close to the Sharks goal line. Franze being stretchered off with a knee injury, not looking too good.

41ST min: TRY - Cooper for Dragons. An intercept as the Sharks were hot on attack, and Cooper sprints 95 metres to score after the buzzer. Riddell from right in front, gets the conversion. Dragons 24-2

HALF TIME: Errors by the Sharks side have cost them dearly. The Dragons are looking good

43rd min: NEWS - Unfortunate news for Sharks supporters. Franze is out of the game for at least 9 - 12 months. He will need knee reconstruction after the injury suffered late in the first half

48th min: NEWS - Barrett off for the Dragons. Limping after suffering a knock to the same ankle he broke a bone in at the 7's earlier on in the year. Young on as a replacement

52nd min: TRY - Bird for Sharks. A try that hushed the crowd, as Bird slips through some soft defence to score from 30 metres out. Kimmorley 5 metres in from touch, couldn't get the wid to assist the kick, and misses. Dragons 24-6

58th min: TRY - Saleh for Dragons. Saleh with his first try for StGeorge/Illawarra sprints 80 metres, stumbling at the end, after he intercepted a Kimmorley pass. Nice timing as the Dragons had slacked off a little. Firman from 20 metres in, stabs at the ball and misses. Dragons 28-6

67th min: TRY - Milford for Sharks. Following 3 sets of six, the Sharks were finally up the right end of the field. Peachey throws a loping pass over 3 Dragons heads, Milford picks it up beautifully and scores out wide. Kimmorley, from the sideline, gets the conversion. Dragons 28-12

74th min: NEWS - Gasnier (Dragons) limps off the field, aggravating the calf injury that saw him in doubt for the match, but returns pretty quickly for the end of the match. The Sharks enjoying a bit more possession

80th min: NEWS - Dragons wanting to finish off in style, but the Sharks defence holding fast. Sirens goes off all over the place

FULL TIME: Welcome back to Kogarah !