XXXX Statewide Score Wrap



Result: XXXX Country 42 (Leigh Coghill 3, Nick Parfitt 2, Shane Muspratt, Scott Alo, Isaak Ah Mau tries; Nick Parfitt 5 goals) d XXXX City 22 (Jamie Simpson, Denan Kemp, Scott Anderson, Matt Lockyer tries; Alwyn Simpson 3 goals). Curtain-Raiser: XXXX Brisbane Second Division (Daniel Gissing 2, Aaron Brown 2, Scott Trapett 2, Joe McLean, Tony Mather, Francis Otto tries; Aaron Williams, Mitchell Karabatsos goals) d XXXX Outback 20 (Gene Murray 2, Chris Thinee 2, Cinton Callope tries).


Game I: Northern Marlins 18 (Aaron Barba, Nathan Marles, Lee McLean tries; Matthew Groves 3 goals) d South East Qld Poinsettias 6 (Shaun Daylight try; Luke Archer goal).

Game II: Wide Bay Bulls 28 (Mark Page 2, Bruce Waia, Anthony Zipf, Daniel McGlynn, Kris Williams tries; Daniel McGlynn 2 goals) d Central Capras 10 (James Radloff, Callum Wilson tries; James Radloff goal).

Game III: South West Mustangs 16 (Geoff Betros, Joe Adams, Scott Ellis tries; Cameron Moodie, Nat Volz goals) d South East Qld Kookaburras 14 (Brendon Marshall, Walter Imo, Andy Poynter tries; Gordon Rattler goal).

Game IV: South West Mustangs 40 (Liam Cullen 2, Justin McKellar, Nathan Murphy, Luke Hellyer, Michael Challenor, Joe Adams tries; Nat Volz 3, Cameron Moodie 3 goals) d Central Capras 30 (Joel Mann 2, James Radloff, Jackson Crangle, Steven Lill, Callum Wilson tries; James Radloff 3 goals).

Game V: Northern Marlins 40 (Aaron Barba 2, Robbie Congoo 2, Steve Sheppard, Steve Singleton, Lewis Balcomb tries; Matthew Groves 6 goals) d Wide Bay Bulls 6 (Anthony Zipf try; Daniel McGlynn goal).

Game VI: South East Qld Kookaburras 10 (Phil Ramage, Dane Evans tries; Gordon Rattler goal) d South East Qld Poinsettias 8 (Michael Chaplain, Shaun Daylight tries).


QLD WIZARD CUP Round 14: No games played due to XXXX City Country Standings: North Queensland 22, Redcliffe 22, Aspley 19, Tweed Heads 19, Ipswich 19, Easts 18, Burleigh 14, Norths 13, Wynnum Manly 10, Souths Logan 8, Central 4. FOGS CUP Round 14: No games played due to QRL Divisional Carnival Standings: Ipswich 23, Wynnum Manly 22, Easts 21, Burleigh 17, Redcliffe 17 Western Districts 16, Souths Logan 15, Tweed Heads 14, Aspley 9, Sunshine Coast 8, Norths 6. FOGS COLTS CHALLENGE Round 15: Wynnum 32 d Redcliffe 20, Burleigh 34 d Easts 22, Norths 68 d Souths Logan 12, Ipswich 16 d Western Districts 14, Tweed Heads 20 d Aspley 14. Sunshine Coast bye. Standings: Tweed Heads 26, Western Districts 20, Aspley 19, Norths 18, Wynnum Manly 17, Ipswich 17, Redcliffe 15, Burleigh 14, Souths Logan 10, Easts 9, Sunshine Coast 3. SPOTLESS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Standings: Ipswich 178, Easts 151, Redcliffe 151, Tweed Heads 149, Wynnum Manly 130, Burleigh 129, Aspley 120, Norths 99, Souths Logan 85, Western Districts 78*, Sunshine Coast 20*. * Western Districts and Sunshine Coast field teams in the FOGS grades only.


QLD GROUP CUP (Ipswich) President