The Front Row Forums - Member's Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to give people an idea of what we should expect from each other. The ultimate aim is for everyone to enjoy being part of the site and feel comfortable with the discussions. Should there be any queries; members can email the site owners on

For starters...

The Site
By 'site', we mean the website, (LU) and the Front Row forums (TFR). 
For future reference, please bookmark these links: (LU): 
The Front Row forums (TFR):

The volunteers...

The Moderator and Administrators who manage the forums are here to look out for posts which may compromise the site's integrity or security. In this regard, it is essential that members adhere to moderator instructions. Failure to do so, or escalating moderation disputes on the forum may result in infractions and/or suspension. You’ll find that we like to keep the discussions flowing to assist other members - especially newcomers to the site. Members should note that the people who manage this site are members as well, and as members will take part in any discussion.


The Moderators (Mods) are the eyes and ears of TFR. Mods only have management control over specific forums. They do not have ‘global’ control over all forums however, some will have management access to more than one forum.

Super Moderators

No, they don’t have super human powers. Super Moderators (Super Mods) are simply Mods who have ‘global’ management access to all forums. They are few in number and are simply there to assist when the regular Mods are away. They do not ‘out-rank’ Mods and do not intervene unless specifically required to do so.


Administrators (Admin) have more responsibilities in running the site, not just the forums. They are often working away behind the scenes to make LU and TFR run smoother.

Passwords and your email address...

Members and How to Register

Anyone who registers for TFR becomes a member of the forums. This enables you to join discussions or start your own discussions. To become a member, simply click on the 'Log in or Sign Up' link at the top of the forum. After registering, an email will be sent to you and you'll need to click on a link in that email to complete your membership. The email will also contain your user name and password - your password is encrypted and known only to you, so please keep it in a safe place. After this has been done, you will be able login and join in the discussions.

Should you forget your password, you can have a new one automatically emailed out to you by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link when logging in. Please do not ask Admin for your password as they don’t know it.

Please note: In order to join TFR, you must have a legitimate email address such as the one issued by your ISP. While joining with free email accounts is allowed, all new accounts are subject to moderation. Any throwaway or disposable email addresses will be rejected. If you are unable to post shortly after joining, it is likely that your account is in the moderation queue. Check back in a couple of hours!

Any questions regarding registration can be emailed to:

The deal...

It is essential that members adhere to Moderator instructions. Failure to comply with moderator instructions will result in an expulsion warning or immediate suspension. Please note that decisions regarding these guidelines are done at Admin's discretion.

The crux of the matter... 

Deleting Threads, Posts, Words and Images

Members are asked to hold their discussions in a rational and mature manner. Any posts which abuse membership privileges will be deleted.
These include posts which are:

  • Excessively abusive, 
  • Excessively obscene, 
  • Excessively vulgar, 
  • Slanderous or defaming, 
  • Excessively hateful or racist, 
  • Personally threatening, 
  • Excessively sexually-oriented, 
  • or any other material that may be in violation of any applicable laws.

The Legal stuff...

Defamation and Naming Names

Implicating a person or persons by way of naming names is forbidden. In this regard, we refer to spreading unfounded rumours, innuendo or over speculation. It also refers to repeating private conversations, or something that your 'Dad's mate heard down at the pub'.

Members are asked to pay particular attention to any post which defames or vilifies a public person or organisation. Additionally, no links are allowed which have defamatory material. By defamation, we mean accusations of corruption or any other illegal activity. This also applies to any post or link which divulges details a person's private life, address or phone number(s).

Under such circumstances, the immediate deletion of such posts will be warranted. Members who persist in posting defamatory or personal material will have their membership suspended indefinitely.

Other stuff we don’t like...

Members Attacking Other Members

Please note: We're not referring to squabbles or a bit of name calling. This section mainly deals with those members who threaten other members.

The vast majority of members join forums to have reasonable and good humoured discussions. However, there are a minority who try to stand out from the crowd by attacking other members.

If one member is being excessively abusive to another member, then deletions of post(s) may be warranted. These are posts which are excessive or by accepted description, are personally threatening.

Additionally, any posts which vilify or aggressively single out another member will be deleted. This extends to personal attacks on a member's relatives.

This also includes posts from 'impersonators' who take up similar names to other members or public persons in an effort to humiliate (Naturally, this does not include members who wish to have the same name as their sporting hero). The examples of this have been evident with names of some members being changed slightly to mislead the reader in believing that they reading the view of another member.

Members who repeatedly attack other members in this manner will have their forum membership suspended.

To reiterate: Mods and Admin are not here to break up fights. This section is for important issues. Should an online fight develop, it is hoped that members can sort out their differences in mature manner prior to the need for any intervention.

Duty of Care...

Members That Require Assistance

Please note that the site owners are not responsible but are sensitive to the needs of members who find themselves in difficulty. In particular, we refer to members that may express a desire or intention to harm themselves and may require medical assistance or counselling. Should any other member notice that assistance is required, then please contact Admin immediately so the matter may be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Reporting Posts

Every member has the option to report another member's post. The icon for this is in the post and the member making the report is asked to give a reason. The report is then automatically emailed to the relevant Mod or Admin. Please note that the report function is specifically set up to report posts which are defamatory and/or place the site at risk. It is primarily there so member's can assist the Moderators and in such cases, the report is much appreciated.

However, the report function is NOT there to sort out disputes between members (see 'member's attacking other members' above).

Please do not quote posts that you have reported, or posts that you know breach these guidelines. This simply makes more work for moderators to clean up.

Please note that excessive use of the report post function for petty reporting is in breach of the member's guidelines. Frivolous use of the report function will result in a warning being issued followed by suspension and/or removal of access and forum privileges.

Posting Private Material

Posting another member's private information without permission is forbidden. This includes photographs, private conversations or private details about another member's circumstances.

There may be exceptions but this is at the discretion of management and depends on the nature of the complaint. This also applies to the reproduction of emails. There is an exception to this guideline in that some members of our team are accredited to post emails received official sources as official media releases. These members are part of our live update team/management.

Reproducing or Copying Material onto Other Websites

Please note that permission is required before any material posted on these forums can be reproduced on other websites or in any other publication or document. This applies to all members and guests and includes current material as well as material which has been deleted or archived.

Offensive Material

Any material which is deemed to be aggressive or sexually explicit will be deleted. This includes images and in particular, avatars and signature files. Please remember that TFR is for the enjoyment of all people from all age groups.

Deletion of any material is at the discretion of the Administrators and the Moderators.

For those wishing to engage in aggressive and/or sexually explicit discussion, there are many sites which can cater for your needs.

Message Bombing

Repetitive posts or threads about the same subject matter will be either deleted or merged into one thread. Message bombing is not allowed and will be deleted.

Editing Other People's Posts

Every member has the option to quote other member's posts when making a reply. Please note that posts which edit another member's post (by way of the quote function) will be deleted. In this we refer to 'quotes' which deliberately alter another member's post. Repeated attempts at editing in this manner will result in a warning being sent and possible expulsion. This doesn’t include ‘name calling’ by changing the name of author of the quote.

Trolling and Thread Hi-jacking

Friendly banter between opposing points of view is allowed (even encouraged) but the forums are primarily here for the enjoyment of all members. Excessive posting aimed solely at disrupting threads may result in post deletions.

This requires moderator discretion but in basic terms, any member who continually creates disruptions to threads will be advised to cease with their activity. Failure to comply with this advice will result in an expulsion warning or immediate suspension.

Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands

Sometimes members can't help themselves and feel it necessary to go on a rampage in an attempt to mould the forums into their own 'oasis'.

Please note that Admin take a dim view of members who feel they are the 'forum cop' and try to represent themselves as such. The proper channel for complaints is through a Mod or an Admin via private message (PM), who will then deal with the query.

The Word Filter

The forums are equipped with a word filter. This is designed to edit or censor expletives with the tell-tale asterix (*). Admin appreciates that most swear words are commonly accepted however, it's the opinion of the site owners that the forums should adhere to a certain standard.

Any member who is found to be trying to get around the word censor may have their post deleted and if necessary, the member will be sent an expulsion warning.

Sourcing Material, Copyright and Allegations

It is important that members provide a source to back up any claims. Any posted material without a source (URL or published reference) may be removed. By 'material' we mean any text or image which is posted by members in the forums. The removal of any such material is totally at the discretion of the site owners, Admin and Mods of LeagueUnlimited.

Sourcing Material

Sourcing material means providing due credit to the ORIGINAL source. If that source has an URL (website) link, then the URL must be included. If no URL is available, then the published reference must be included in the post. Please note that while the member posting the published source is entirely responsible for its validity, the Admin and Mods of LeagueUnlimited may remove any post or source reference at their discretion.

IMPORTANT: Sourcing material with an URL link does not mean putting in a link to a third party website. That is, websites, blogs or forums where the original material has been copied from the original publication. In particular, Wikipedia is open sourced and can be edited by readers, and is therefore not considered a reliable source.

In addition, members are restricted from using another publisher's material for the purpose of advertising their own website or publication. (see Advertising)


Where applicable, all material remains the property of the original author and/or publisher. Should the original owner of the material require the removal of their material from the forums, please contact the site owners by email

Posting of Images

Due to copyright reasons, we do not allow the posting of images where the owner of the images has specifically requested their removal or if the images have been marked as copyright. eg Getty Images.

Allegations and Rumours

Remember that all allegations remain allegations and that we exercise the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. Please note that repeating overheard conversations or something you heard ‘from a mate’ is not considered to be a ‘reliable source’. Rumours and innuendo are not proof and any such speculation will be edited or deleted.

Illegal Steaming Video Links

League Unlimited does not support or allow the posting of any references or links to illegal streaming video websites. Any posting of such references/links shall result in the references/links being deleted and repeat offenders may incur a suspension.

The good news...

What we don't delete..

The people who set up this site have always made an effort to allow as much freedom of expression as possible. We do realise however that this will sometimes be put to the test.

In basic terms, Mods will only delete text or images if they feel they have a good reason to do so.
1. Mods will not delete text which is simply part of a heated debate (with both sides giving back what they receive)
2. Mods will not delete anything simply because the text or image holds an opinion contrary to their own.




As with any website, it is the site owners who have the final say on forum content.

Generally speaking, advertising or 'spam', is not allowed on these forums.


Members who use TFR to advertise for financial gain (without prior permission) will have their post(s) deleted. The same applies to any political or community based advertising or anything which promotes another event, website or online service.

Those wishing to advertise products or services can do so by approaching the site owners on

Advertising in Signature Files, Avatars or Profiles

Advertising in signature files, avatars or profiles requires the permission of the site owners. This includes names or location with a website address as well as banners and links in signature files or avatars.

Requests for permission should be sent by email to:

Each request will be considered on its own merits and depending on circumstances. This is totally at the discretion of the site owners. Should someone advertise without permission, the advertisement will be removed.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Spamming by Private Message (PM) is strictly forbidden and any member caught doing so will have their PM access removed indefinitely.

And for those who missed it…


More on the private message (PM) function...

PM Abuse

Apart from spamming, Admin will also investigate any claim where the PM function is being abused or misused.

Please note that posting another person's private messages on the open forum without permission is not allowed. Members receiving questionable PMs can refer them to Admin or Mods.

The profile messaging function...

Profile Abuse

Admin will also investigate any claim where the profile messaging function is being abused or misused.

Please note that sending a message to another member via their profile is NOT a private message and can be viewed publicly. When using profile messaging, the same rules apply as those outlined in open forum posting or sending private messages. In the event that that a member's profile is being abused in any way, this can be reported to a Mod or Admin.

For those who like big things...


Each member has the option of placing a text or image signature at the end of each of their posts. BUT the image sig files have to be within acceptable dimensions. The total size of a signature must be below 400px in height, 600px in width, and a maximum of 30Kbs. An individual image must not exceed 100px in height.*

*There will be exceptions with some image sig files being banners received as prizes in one of the forum competitions.

Site Admin at its discretion, may remove or edit any signature file or avatar without notification. These include text, links or images which do not meet with the approval of Administration.

If any member has a query about a proposed sig file or avatar, please feel free to email admin on or by making a post in the 'Go Ahead Ask Us Anything' forum section.

The heavy stuff...

Banning People and Removing Profiles

Now, this section does not apply to the vast majority of members.

We don't like removing members but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Please note that only TFR Admin have the ability to suspend or ban members. Mods or Super Mods cannot ban members.

LU have a simple philosophy of giving people every chance to settle in; but in some cases, we have to issue expulsion warnings or if necessary, immediate suspension.

The general rule of thumb is one expulsion warning prior to a member having their access removed. However, Admin are under no obligation to issue warnings and may at their discretion, ban members without notice.

Removing access comes in two forms:
1. Suspension: This means a member's account has been made inactive for a specific period of time. The member cannot take part in forum discussions until his/her membership has been reactivated.
2. Total banning: This means that a person's membership has been banned outright for an indefinite period of time.

This also applies to any other names the suspended or banned member may have registered under. It also applies to any other member's account that may be used to access the forums.

Members should also note that posts, threads or polls about suspended or banned members on the open forum requires Admin approval, and failure to do so may result in suspension.

APPEALS: If a member wishes to appeal their deactivation / profile deletion / banning, they only have to send us an email to

The 'big picture'...

Articles on the Front Page

If anyone wants to have an article of their own published on LU, please feel free to email us at

From there, news articles can be submitted. Any articles submitted will be first checked over by one of the site editors.

Other stuff...

Mischellaneous notes about the site

Instigated in May 2003, The Front Row forums are growing at a fast rate. The forums are attached to our website, which was launched in early 2002. has surpassed all other independent Rugby League websites for readership and now rival as the second largest RL website on the internet.

And it can only keep growing. It's hoped that in the long term, we can all enjoy a successful website while barracking for our favourite teams and players in what is undoubtedly, the greatest game of all.

Got any questions?

Make a post in the ‘Go Ahead Ask Us Anything’ forum or email us at

- The team