Full Time
7:50pm Fri April 27, 2018
Round 8 - Panthers Stadium - Crowd: 13760

it is Fulltime! Penrith seal their 6th win of the season defeating Canterbury 22-14. Stay tuned for the 3,2,1's and Match Report to come @LeagueUnlimited.


Penalty Panthers - Penrith find the line 40m from their own line...can they start this game again? It is just getting good!


David Klemmer sent to the Bin for rushing in...ordinary decision to be fair!


Huge Hit! From Dean Whare on Jeremy Marshall-King and they are all in again...in fairness it was a good hit.


David Klemmer and Trent Merrin going at it and players are running in.


Jeremy Marshall-King throws a forward pass. Panthers chance to end it here.


James Maloney drives the ball into touch. Dogs scrum 10m out. They need a miracle!


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

James Maloney puts the Panthers up 22-14 with just 6min to go.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 14 Bulldogs

Penalty Panthers - Against the Bulldogs for being inside the 10m..James Maloney to ice this game. Kick to come.


Raymond Faitala-Mariner puts the ball down as the Dogs try to attack the edges. Doesn't come off and Panthers in prime postion 20m out from their own line.


James Maloney finds the line on an acute angle 12m from the Bulldogs line. Dogs scrum deep in their own half.


Conversion: Panthers
Attempted by James Maloney.

James Maloney from the sideline misses. Score remains 20-14.

Panthers lead Panthers 20 - 14 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Isaah Yeo. Kick to come.

Isaah Yeo scores in the corner. James Maloney spots some space on the blindside and combines with Tyrone Peachey who finds Yeo to score. Panthers lead 20-14 kick to come.

Panthers lead Panthers 20 - 14 Bulldogs

Aaron Woods loses the ball after a strong tackle from Jack Hetherington and Panthers have the ball on halfway.


Reagan Campbell-Gillard does the same...scrum Dogs.


Raymond Faitala-Mariner has a big look and loses it cold!


Aaron Woods throws a short ball to Adam Elliot but it is a mile forward! Panthers scrum 15m from their own line.


Penalty Bulldogs - Brett Morris leaps high and takes a superb take off a James Maloney bomb but Jack Hetherington holds on too long. Dogs over halfway.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

James Maloney breaks the deadlock. Panthers lead 16-14.

Panthers lead Panthers 16 - 14 Bulldogs

Viliame Kikau spills the ball 20m out but Canterbury are penalised. Aaron Woods not square at marker. Maloney points to the posts.


Superb kick on the last from James Maloney, the ball sits up inches from the tryline for Mbye and he can't get out of the in-goal...tackled by Maloney! Big play! Dropout Dogs.


The Panthers throw the ball around, very entertaining stuff but Yeo loses the ball into touch. Bulldogs scrum 20m in their own half.


Penalty Goal: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye locks up the scores at 14 all.

Tied up at Panthers 14 - 14 Bulldogs

Penalty Canterbury - Against Jack Hetherington for stripping the ball off Danny Fualalo. It is right in front and Moses Mbye points to the posts. Kick to come.


Kieran Foran kicks early close to the line and it bounces up for Corey Harawera Naera who is forces to run the ball dead. Dropout Penrith.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

James Maloney puts Penrith in front. Panthers lead 14-12.

Panthers lead Panthers 14 - 12 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Moses Leota. Kick to come.

Tyrone Peachey chips close to the line and it bounces back for Viliame Kikau, who finds Moses Leota who slams it down for a try! Panthers are back! 12 all kick to come.

Tied up at Panthers 12 - 12 Bulldogs

Jeremy Marshall-King kicks across field on the last but Dean Whare takes it on the full easily. 20m re-start Panthers.


Bulldogs kick towards Corey Harawera Naera on the last and despite 3 defenders driving him back he manages to stay in the field of play! Panthers ball 1m out from their own line.


James Tamou spills the ball and Canterbury has a scrum on halfway.


The Panthers have come out fired up driving Eastwood back towards his own line!


We are back underway in the Second Half!


It's halftime and it has been all the Bulldogs early with tries to Montoya and Hopoate. However the Panthers grab their opportunity late to trail by 12-8 at the break. Big second half coming up! Stay tuned for all the action @LeagueUnlimited!


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

James Maloney makes no mistake. Dogs lead 12-8.

Bulldogs lead Panthers 8 - 12 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Corey Harawera Naera. Kick to come.

James Maloney finds numbers out to the right and Corey Harawera Naera strolls over to score! Wouldn't like to be Danny Fualalo at halftime!

Bulldogs lead Panthers 6 - 12 Bulldogs

James Maloney kicks towards Marcelo Montoya across field on the last and the lanky winger bats it into touch. Dropout Canterbury.


Dogs in great field position and Danny Fualalo throws a speculator on the third tackle. Poor error. Panthers ball 40m from their own line.


Sione Katoa kicks on the last and for the second time he kicks the ball dead. 20m re-start for Canterbury.


James Maloney puts up a towering bomb, both Moses Mbye and Dallin Watene Zelezniak contest but Watene-Zelezniak knocks on first. Dogs ball 10m from their own try line.


Greg Eastwood gets a free catch off a Foran bomb but spills it. Panthers scrum 20m from their own line.


James Maloney puts up a huge bomb on the last but Moses Mbye takes it brilliantly. Dogs over halfway now.


Jeremy Marshall-King kicks towards the in goal and it hits the post! Kieran Foran races through but can't get over the line! Panthers off the hook.


Dean Whare gets a howler of a pass from Viliame Kikau and Bulldogs have the scrum 10m out! Coach killer!


Bulldogs away down the left hand side through Hopoate, he finds Marcelo Montoya who is tackled on halfway. Dogs on the attack!


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye makes it 2 from 2. Canterbury lead 12-2.

Bulldogs lead Panthers 2 - 12 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by William Hopoate. Kick to come.

Kieran Foran takes the ball to the line and finds Josh Jackson who finds William Hopoate. Hopoate dummies and slices straight through to score under the posts! Dogs lead 10-2 kick to come.

Bulldogs lead Panthers 2 - 10 Bulldogs

VIDEO REF - NO TRY - David Klemmer and Michael Lichaa have driven the Panthers back with fantastic line speed! The ball falls out but Tyrone Peachey bats the ball dead...just. Dropout Panthers.


Dogs spin it wide on the last and Marcelo Montoya is tackle just short in a brilliant tackle by Dean Whare.


Penalty Bulldogs - Panthers inside the 10m. Canterbury find the line 30m out.


Sione Katoa kicks early in the tackle count but the ball rolls dead. Dogs have a 20m re-start.


Jeremy Marshall-King throws the ball a mile forward to Josh Morris on the second tackle! Waste! Panthers ball 20m out.


Viliame Kikau collects a kick over the top by Kieran Foran and he is driven into touch by Josh Jackson and William Hopoate. Dogs on the attack!


Tyrone Peachey trapped on the last by Jeremy Marshall-King and it is a handover to the Bulldogs 12m from their own line.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Moses Mbye.

Moses Mbye nails the conversion from the sideline! Dogs lead 6-2.

Bulldogs lead Panthers 2 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Marcelo Montoya. Kick to come.

Marcelo Montoya scores in the corner after a great ball from Moses Mbye to Josh Jackson who draws and passes for the winger. Bulldogs lead 4-2 kick to come.

Bulldogs lead Panthers 2 - 4 Bulldogs

INJURY UPDATE - Dylan Edwards comes from the field with what looks like a shoulder injury...he won't be back.


Penalty Bulldogs - Against Reagan Campbell-Gillard for holding the man too long in the tackle.


Tyrone Peachey grubbers on the last and Moses Mbye cleans up and is tackled 10m from his own line.


Penalty Panthers - Against Michael Lichaa for holding on too long in the tackle. Panthers find the line on halfway.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by James Maloney.

James Maloney makes no mistake. Penrith lead 2-0.

Panthers lead Panthers 2 - 0 Bulldogs

Penalty Panthers - James Maloney makes a bust and finds Dylan Edwards and Bulldogs markers not square. James Maloney will take the shot at goal.


James Maloney kicks to the left hand corner but it goes too close to the touchline and Dallin Watene Zelezniak can't keep it in play. Dogs ball 10m out from their own line.


Penalty Panthers - High tackle on Dallin Watene Zelezniak by Aaron Woods. Panthers on the attack 20m out!


Early kick on the 2nd tackle by James Maloney but Raymond Faitala-Mariner is there to save the day. Very lucky bounce!


Penalty Panthers - Against Jeremy Marshall-King for not getting back the 10 metres. Panthers find the line just over halfway.

We are underway at Panthers Stadium! Trent Merrin brings it back into a wall of Bulldogs defenders!

Welcome to Panthers Stadium, where the Penrith Panthers host the Canterbury Bulldogs in our second game in our Friday Night Football coverage in what promises to be an interesting clash. The Panthers have one late change, with hooker Peter Wallace ruled out with a neck injury, which sees Sione Katoa start at hooker in jersey #14 and rookie Wade Egan coming onto the interchange in jersey #18. The Bulldogs are 1-17 and as per programmed. Penrith currently sit in 4th position, but are coming off a narrow loss to the Sharks. Canterbury meanwhile sit in 15th after an inconsistent start to 2018. The Panthers go in warm favourites at home, but it is worth noting that the Dogs did defeat Penrith 20-18 in Round 3. Will the Panthers get pay back? Or will the Bulldogs turn up and give them more grief? Stay tuned for all the action @LeagueUnlimited, kickoff not far away!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins, Alan Shortall

Touch Judges: Rohan Best, Clayton Sharpe

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Ben Galea

Tries: Corey Harawera Naera, Moses Leota, Isaah Yeo
Field Goals:
Conversions: James Maloney (2/3)
Penalty Goals: James Maloney (3/3)

Tries: Marcelo Montoya, William Hopoate
Field Goals:
Conversions: Moses Mbye (2/2)
Penalty Goals: Moses Mbye (1/1)