Full Time
5:30pm Sat May 5, 2018
Round 9 - Go Media Stadium, Penrose / Aotearoa - Crowd: 16727

The Warriors die with the ball, and that's the game. It was a dominant performance from the home side, and the Tigers never really looked in the game.


We've got a scrum feed, and the Warriors will get one final attacking play.


Luke Brooks bats the ball on, but Kevin Naiqama drops it cold.


The Tigers' defence is looking very tired.


The Tigers lose the ball on the first tackle. They've completed at only 66% tonight.


They kick into the in goal on the last, but the ball trickles over the dead ball line.


The Warriors throwing the ball around a lot - they're apparently not content with the scoreline.


Green stabs a kick toward the sideline, but David Nofoaluma gets a bad bounce and knocks the ball on.


The Tigers looking for a late try to bring some respectability back to the scoreline, but Mahe Fonua can't handle the Kevin Naiqama pass.


Agnatius Paasi sprints into a gap, thinking he's away, but the pass to him is ruled forward. He brings it back with a smile on his face.


Conversion: Warriors
Attempted by Solomone Kata.

This time it's Solomone Kata lining up to take the conversion attempt, with Johnson off the field. The kick isn't great...

Warriors lead Warriors 26 - 4 Wests Tigers

Try: Warriors
Scored by Karl Lawton. Kick to come.

Play back underway, and only two plays later, young Karl Lawton has picked up his second try, busting straight through the middle of the Tigers' tired ruck defence.

Warriors lead Warriors 26 - 4 Wests Tigers

Johnson leaves the field, limping heavily.


A few injuries now for the Warriors - Johnson gets up clutching at his left ankle or foot, and he's getting some attention. Luke is in the sheds with his earlier injury, and Adam Blair has gone off and taken the boot off with an ankle injury as well.


Shaun Johnson again causes some problems down the right edge, but Hiku gets a hand to it and knocks the ball down.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson doesn't have a drama with the conversion this time, and the Warriors lead by 18.

Warriors lead Warriors 22 - 4 Wests Tigers

Try: Warriors
Scored by Karl Lawton. Kick to come.

But finally the defence crumbles, and Karl Lawton sprints through the line to score.

Warriors lead Warriors 20 - 4 Wests Tigers

Two very strong runs from Paasi, met by some equally strong defence.


Green kicks off the outside of his boot. It dribbles towards the dead ball line, is knocked backwards by the Tigers, and eventually grounded by the Tigers. Line drop out.


Adam Blair gets twisted awkwardly in a tackle, but manages to get back to his feet.


Some quick hands from Green this time, and the Warriors make another half break down the right edge.


Elijah Taylor makes a mistake now, losing the ball in the tackle. The Tigers are running out of time...


The Warriors work the ball out of their own half. They again run the ball down the right edge. Roger Tuivasa-sheck finds himself in some space, but is finally dragged down 10 metres short of the line.


Thompson sprints on to a ball heading under the posts, but he knocks the ball on in the tackle.


Another penalty for the Tigers, and Godinet takes a quick tap.


Pita Godinet takes an intercept. It's not pretty, but he got there.


It's a 20 metre tap to the Warriors.


Marsters kicks into the in goal. It looks like Roger Tuivasa-sheck has guarded it over the dead ball line. but the referee wants to slow the game down a bit more and double check it.


Issac Luke is down with an injury to his right shoulder. We've stopped play, and he's coming from the field.


Conversion: Warriors
Attempted by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson fails to add the extras.

Warriors lead Warriors 16 - 4 Wests Tigers

Try: Warriors
Scored by Shaun Johnson. Kick to come.

Some brilliant play from Shaun Johnson, running into some space, hitting Hiku, who flick passes to Fusitua, and then back on the inside to Shaun Johnson - who scores just right of post. Amazing attack here - Warriors of old.

Warriors lead Warriors 16 - 4 Wests Tigers

Marsters attempts an offload, but the Warriors come up with the ball.


But Isaac Luke loses the ball early in the tackle count, and the Tigers won't have to defend a seven tackle set.


Marshall kicks into the in goal on the last, but it's a touch too deep, and goes dead in goal.


It's NO TRY - ruled to be an obstruction, with Luke Brooks taken out of the defensive line.


We're off to the bunker again. The Tigers aren't happy, believing that there was obstruction in the lead up to the Warriors try. Looks like a blatant no try.


There's a sin bin now, after repeated penalties in the game. Elijah Taylor is paying the punished man, and he is punished for the collective sins of his team.


Back underway in the second half.


And that's half time. The Tigers go to the break trailing by 8.


Penalty Goal: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson has no problem with the penalty goal from just right of the posts.

Warriors lead Warriors 12 - 4 Wests Tigers

The referee has just given a final warning to both sides, after 15 penalties already in this game.


A penalty goes to the Warriors, and the Warriors will opt for a penalty goal to put them 8 points in front.


A long kick from the Warriors, but the Tigers bat it dead. They'll be forced to drop the ball out and give the Warriors another attacking set late in the half.


A forward pass from James Gavet - it's an absolute shocker...


Michael Chee Kam makes a break, but loses the ball in the tackle.


David Nofoaluma is back on the field now.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Esan Marsters.

Esan Marsters pushes the conversion attempt just wide of the posts.

Warriors lead Warriors 10 - 4 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Mahe Fonua. Kick to come.

It's a TRY! Mahe Fonua does an amazing job on his wing, powering over David Fusitua to score in the corner.

Warriors lead Warriors 10 - 4 Wests Tigers

We're going to the bunker again - this time for a possible try to Mahe Fonua on the left sideline. We're checking whether he has gone out over the sideline, but it looks like a try...


We're going to the bunker for a possible try to the Tigers - we're checking the grounding. It's no try, but Blake Green is ruled offside at marker, and the Warriors will be penalised.


Brooks runs the ball towards the line, but gets his legs chopped out from underneath him.


Another penalty to the Tigers.


A last tackle penalty to the Tigers, and they'll get a good opportunity to attack the Warriors' line.


Luke Brooks with a bit of space down the left edge.


Issac Luke kicks from within his own half, and the Tigers will start their set from their own 30 metre line.


Conversion: Warriors
Attempted by Shaun Johnson.

No luck for Johnson this time with the conversion attempt.

Warriors lead Warriors 10 - 0 Wests Tigers

Try: Warriors
Scored by Ken Maumalo. Kick to come.

Blake Green throws a lovely long cut out ball now - taking the ball right to the line, before hitting Ken Maumalo on the chest, and it's a try for the Warriors!

Warriors lead Warriors 10 - 0 Wests Tigers

Almost back to back penalties against the Tigers. The Warriors take an eternity to take the tap, giving the Tigers an opportunity to take a breather.


The Warriors butcher a try opportunity by getting too eager to send the ball wide. The Tigers struggling to get out of their own half.


David Nofoaluma gets a ten minute breather for a professional foul. Roger Tuivasa-sheck makes a break, draws a penalty, and then David Nofoaluma decides to tackle the player taking the quick tap from an offside position.


Some poor fifth tackle options from the Tigers at the moment are hurting their ability to score points.


A little bobble from Peta Hiku, but he manages to cling on to the ball.


Marshall tries a little kick in behind the line under some heavy pressure from Blair. It's too short, and the Warriors pick it up easily.


Sauaso Sue leaves the field and heads up the tunnel.


A lovely strip from Luke Brooks, and his team get the ball. They then get a penalty, to really put them on the front foot.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Shaun Johnson.

Johnson lines up the conversion from the right sideline, and makes no mistake.

Warriors lead Warriors 6 - 0 Wests Tigers

Try: Warriors
Scored by David Fusitua. Kick to come.

It's a TRY! Some great passes on the inside, then to Johnson who throws a lovely quick pass to Fusitua. Fusitua then scores while his legs are in the air out of the field play. The Warriors draw first blood.

Warriors lead Warriors 4 - 0 Wests Tigers

A brilliant pass from Shaun Johnson, and we're going to the bunker for a possibly try to David Fusitua.


A line drop out is forced, after David Nofoaluma is shoved back into his own in goal.


Benji Marshall is penalised for laying all over the tackled player on his own line. He's lucky he did, as his side was well short of defenders on their right edge.


A lovely inside ball, and Bunty Afoa is through a yawning gap. He's dragged down after making 15 metres.


The Tigers work a short side. Brooks makes a half-break, but his offload back inside goes to ground.


Roger Tuivasa-sheck saves his team with a catch and spin - it looked like the Tigers' grubber may have been about to result in a try.


The Tigers send the ball all the way out to their right edge, before bringing it to the left on the very next play.


Another high kick from Green out towards David Nofoaluma, who is then hit high by Green. It's obvious where the Warriors intend to send their kicks this evening.


On the last Green kicks high to the left corner. Rochow finally comes up with the ball in support of his winger.


Some heavy defence from the Tigers, muscling up on the Warriors forwards.


The Warriors are only five metres from the Tigers' line. Marshall cleans it up, gets it back into the field of play, and then knocks the ball on. The refs miss it though. To add insult, the Warriors are then penalised.


Some quick passes out to the right, and David Fusitua is away down the sideline.


The Tigers run the ball on the last, before Marshall kicks over the top on the last. The Warriors come up with possession.

And we're underway. The Warriors get first use of the football.

Both teams take the field.

Welcome to Auckland this evening, with the Warriors and the Tigers about to kick off. Isaiah Papalii will start in the back row for the Warriors, with Simon Mannering playing from the bench. Wests Tigers have shuffled things around, omitting Josh Aloiai from the squad. Pita Godinet drops to the bench, Elijah Taylor shifts to hooker, while Sauaso Sue will start up front, moving Matt Eisenhuth to lock. Tim Grant fills the bench vacancy.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ben Cummins, Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: Chris McMillan, Phil Henderson

Video Referee: Ashley Klein, Luke Patten

Tries: David Fusitua, Shaun Johnson, Ken Maumalo, Karl Lawton (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Shaun Johnson (2/4), Solomone Kata (0/1)
Penalty Goals: Shaun Johnson (1/1)

Tries: Mahe Fonua
Field Goals:
Conversions: Esan Marsters (0/1)
Penalty Goals: