Full Time
5:30pm Sat May 5, 2018
Round 9 - Go Media Stadium, Penrose / Aotearoa - Crowd: 16727
Match report coming soon!

3. Shaun Johnson

The Warriors are a completely different team with this bloke in the 7. He was involved in everything, setting up tries, making line breaks, and just generally causing headaches for his opposition. Fingers crossed his injury isn't too bad...

2. Agnatius Paasi

Only knows one way, this bloke. The Tigers' middle forwards will be having nightmares tonight, after having Paasi running at them all game. 20 hit ups, and almost 200 metres, every single one of them at full speed.

1. Blake Green

Doing the majority of the kicking and organising tonight, Green allowed Shaun Johnson to play his favourite way - chiming in when he saw fit, with little pieces of brilliance. A well structured performance, with a try assist to his name.