Full Time
4:10pm Sun August 12, 2018
Round 22 - AAMI Park - Crowd: 16709

PENALTY STORM - Gallen offloads to Dugan, but the pass is a bit low and Dugan misses it. Storm clean up before Sharks are pinged for a high tackle.


Holmes defuses another Storm bomb. Hoffman is being carried off the field with a leg injury.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Smith from out near the sideline pushes the conversion across the face of the goal.

Sharks lead Storm 14 - 17 Sharks

Try: Storm
Scored by Suliasi Vunivalu. Kick to come.

After refusing to die with the ball, the Storm manage to get the ball to CHambers who runs to the right corner before offloading to Vunivalu who backs up inside to score out wide.

Sharks lead Storm 14 - 17 Sharks

Storm getting offload happy


SCRUM STORM - Leutele gets a bad ball close to the Storm line on the last and decides to grubber for touch.


PENALTY SHARKS - Smith attempts a short kick off and it goes out on the full.


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Valentine Holmes.

Holmes from wide out on the right side just misses the conversion.

Sharks lead Storm 10 - 17 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Dugan. Kick to come.

After Ramien's run, Dugan took the ball from dummy half and barges over for a try.

Sharks lead Storm 10 - 17 Sharks

Ramien intercepts and runs 80m before Addo-Carr tackles him.


DROP OUT SHARKS - Hughes grubbers and Holmes knocks it dead


PENALTY STORM - Storm puts up a kick and Vunivalu is taken out of the contest.


Stimson hits a gap after straightening off his left foot and goes to the line and gets across, but Leutele and Holmes deny him several times by just millimetres.


PENALTY STORM - Fifita holding down too long after the Storm gained possession through a Moylan pass that was dropped.


Storm with a short side play but Slater's pass to Scott goes forward.


Sharks go right on the last but Ramien is wrapped up ball and all in a good tackle and taken into touch.


PENALTY SHARKS - Welch gives away a penalty in his own half.


Scott gets across the line but Dugan, Holmes and Townsend get across in cover defence to roll him onto his back and deny him the try.


SCRUM STORM - Woods makes a 1 on 1 strip and knocks it on.


A chip over the top for Slater, but it bounces horribly and Holmes cleans up


PENALTY STORM - Storm get a piggy back up to halfway


Both sides showing plenty of enterprise, but unable to click on their last tackle options.


SCRUM STORM - Moylan's quick pass is ruled forward


Smith grubbers and the ball goes dead. Sharks with a 7 tackle set.


PENALTY STORM - They get a full set 10m from the Sharks line.


PENALTY STORM - Moylan drifted right and picked out Lewis who ran in for a good try but it was pulled back because of a shepherd.


SCRUM SHARKS - Woeful pass by Munster goes forward and then into touch, 30m from their own line.


SCRUM SHARKS - Smith's dummy half kick goes off the side of the boot and makes just 15m


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Cameron Smith.

Smith from just to the left side of the posts, adds the extras

Sharks lead Storm 10 - 13 Sharks

Try: Storm
Scored by Billy Slater. Kick to come.

Munster with a lovely grubber and Slater comes around to clean up and score

Sharks lead Storm 8 - 13 Sharks

SCRUM STORM - Woods plays the ball poorly


Storm get the second half started


Graham has come from the field with that knee injury


Field Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend calmly pots a field goal with 90 seconds left.

Sharks lead Storm 4 - 13 Sharks

Sharks making big metres in the first set from the restart and Leutele is held up over the line on the fourth tackle.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Valentine Holmes.

Holmes from almost right in front adds the extras.

Sharks lead Storm 4 - 12 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Valentine Holmes. Kick to come.

Sharks spread the ball left and Feki gets outside Vunivalu before throwing a hail mary pass back in-field before going into touch and Holmes takes the ball and runs around to score under the posts.

Sharks lead Storm 4 - 10 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS - They again take the tap from just inside the Storm half.


SCRUM SHARKS - Storm swing it back to the left side and a looping long ball to Addo-Carr is touched mid-flight by Scott and goes forward, denying The Fox a try.


Townsend with an ugly kick that goes out on the full. Meanwhile Graham is nursing his knee, but will play on.


Townsend grubbers again. This time Addo-Carr makes a break down the left side after casually pushing Dugan aside before Brailey tackles him 60m downfield. At the end of the set, the Storm kicked to the other side and the ball just beats Vunivalu into touch.


PENALTY SHARKS - Storm immediately give away a penalty and Sharks take the tap.


Storm run it on the last through Finucane for some reason and he is wrapped up 10m shy from halfway.


DROP OUT STORM - Holmes with a nice grubber on the last. JAC cleans up but cannot get back into the field of play.


Conversion: Storm
Attempted by Cameron Smith.

Smith from the touchline just misses with the extras.

Sharks lead Storm 4 - 6 Sharks

Try: Storm
Scored by Suliasi Vunivalu. Kick to come.

Storm spread it right to Chambers who meets the defence before flicking it out the back to Vunivalu who goes in to score.

Sharks lead Storm 4 - 6 Sharks

PENALTY STORM - Townsend pinged for a push on Slater. Sharks warned.


SCRUM STORM - Slater makes a half break and then attempts a kick off his wrong foot and it went to Holmes, who knocked it on, 10m from his own line.


Vunivalu takes a great catch over his head and falls backwards in the process.


Townsend pulls off a 1-on-1 strip on Munster just 10m from the Sharks line.


PENALTY STORM - Sharks again up too quickly. Storm will get a piggy back up to their own 40m line.


Moylan grubbers and Vunivalu brilliantly manages to take the ball cleanly as he falls over.


SCRUM SHARKS - Munster gets a good short ball to Jesse Bromwich, but he juggles it and loses it with the tryline begging


PENALTY STORM - Prior cleans up Finucane off the ball.


PENALTY STORM - Sharks offside. Addo-Carr takes a quick tap on his 30m line.


Chambers kicked on the second tackle from inside his own half. Sharks are at halfway on the third tackle.


Graham launches a big kick which Slater allows to bounce over the dead ball line. 7 tackle set for the Storm.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Valentine Holmes.

Holmes nails the goal.

Sharks lead Storm 0 - 6 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Jayden Brailey. Kick to come.

Two tackles after the penalty and Brailey scoots out of dummy half and reaches out between 3 defenders to score on the left side of the posts.

Sharks lead Storm 0 - 4 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS - Gallen takes a quick tap on the Storm 20m


SCRUM SHARKS - Gallen with a good tackle knocks the ball loose.


Holmes chose to run it on the last and is wrapped up by Stimson 10m from the Storm line.


Slater turns it over on the first play from the scrum and the Sharks clean it up.


SCRUM STORM - Townsend sends the ball to Dugan, but he snatches at it and drops it cold.


Townsend puts up a bomb and Dugan takes it, offloads to Lewis on the inside, who juggles the ball and then loses it. A certain try goes begging.

Sharks get us underway in the last game of the Round.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ashley Klein, Matt Noyen

Touch Judges: Brett Suttor, Michael Wise

Video Referee: Jared Maxwell, Luke Patten

Tries: Suliasi Vunivalu (2), Billy Slater
Field Goals:
Conversions: Cameron Smith (1/3)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Jayden Brailey, Valentine Holmes, Josh Dugan
Field Goals: Chad Townsend (1/1)
Conversions: Valentine Holmes (2/3)
Penalty Goals: