Full Time
7:35pm Sat July 2, 2022
Round 16 - Accor Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park - Crowd: 10012

FULL TIME - Pure dominance from the Red & Green as Souths dominate the Eels 30-12


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Ben Cummins rules double knock-on and the Rabbitohs challenge that they weren't the first to touch the ball; Replay show that Ben Cummins got the call spot on


Clint Gutherson loses the ball and Souths go on the counter


This game ambling to a finish as both sides just going through the motions in the dark and dingy conditions


Marata Niukore loses the ball in a strong tackle from Tass


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Mitch Moses converts out wide

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 12 Eels

Try: Eels
Scored by Clinton Gutherson. Kick to come.

Clint Gutherson gets a second try as the Eels enjoy rare attacking position and a good play comes off

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 10 Eels

Parramatta lose the ball inside their own 20 and Souths attack again


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from close range

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 30 - 6 Eels

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Damien Cook. Kick to come.

Damien Cook scores after Latrell Mitchell steamrolled Reed Mahoney to get upfield and then has Sivo in all sorts before finding Illias and then onto Cook to score

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 28 - 6 Eels

Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from wide out yet again to extend the lead to 18

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 24 - 6 Eels

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Jaxson Paulo. Kick to come.

No problems this time as Jaxson Paulo gets himself in the air as he is headed towards the sideline and grounds the ball in the corner

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 22 - 6 Eels

Jaxson Paulo is over again in the corner after Campbell Graham times his pass perfectly to put Paulo over in the corner pending review


Shaun Lane hammered by Campbell Graham and the ball is forced loose


Isaiah Papali'i is on report for dangerous contact on Lachlan Ilias as he kicked in the set prior to the knock-on


Parramatta still in this as Souths loses the ball close to the line


Not a lot happening at the moment with both sides just playing conservative end to end football as the rains have returned


Campbell Graham throws a bad pass when he should've probably thrown it earlier as Souths cough up another opportunity


Poor kick from Reed Mahoney and Alex Johnston gets over halfway


Shaun Lane loses the ball as the Eels look to go left as the Rabbitohs were 2 down in the defensive line on that play


DIDN'T FIND TOUCH - Latrell trying to go for too many metres and doesn't find touch as Souths could have gone on the attack


PENALTY SOUTHS: Ben Cummins calls out Shaun Lane 3 times but still gets involved in the tackle and is offside


Clint Gutherson's kick is too heavy and the ball runs dead


PENALTY EELS: Lachlan Illias knew that Shaun Lane was getting the ball and needed to be stopped meaning the Bunnies halfback took off early


SECOND HALF IS GO! The Eels use the ball first and make good metres as they look to overcome a 12 point deficit


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts after the siren and pushes the margin back out to 12

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 18 - 6 Eels

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Alex Johnston. Kick to come.

GOOOODDDDBYYEEEE - Alex Johnston scores his second of the night as Parra look to shift right and Mitch Moses trying to tip the ball onto Gutherson just gets it straight to AJ who scores

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 16 - 6 Eels

Cam Murray throws a forward pass as the pressure goes back on the Rabbitohs inside the Eels half


BUNKER: Clint Gutherson is tackled after he kicked but the bunker rules that Gutho ran into the line and Nikorima was committed to the tackle and that was the right call, 20m restart ensues


Kodi Nikorima loses the ball with a tough pass towards him


Parra go short and low with the dropout and Keaon Koloamatangi has another issue with it but this time he knocks it on


REPEAT SET: Illias kicks in behind again and again the Eels are there to clean it up


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Short dropout by Parra almost comes off as Keaon Koloamatangi can't pick it up it comes off his hand backwards, into the knee of Tass, no infringement by Souths then a knock on by Dylan Brown is ruled


Repeat set for Souths again as they go left and Alex Johnston gets the ball, kicks it and Moses knocks it dead


Maika Sivo just does enough to get the ball over the dead-ball line after a good kick from Lachie Illias


Oregon Kaufusi loses the ball on halfway


Concern for Campbell Graham who got his head in a bad position trying to tackle Waqa Blake and copped the shoulder


Cam Murray with the line open loses the ball after a try saver from Shaun Lane


SIX MORE - Parra lose the ball at the Scrum and Souths have a full set on the 10


Latrell Mitchell loses the ball after Waqa Blake puts pressure on the Souths fullback


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Mitch Moses converts from 10m in from touch and 19m out to bring the margin back to 6

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 12 - 6 Eels

Try: Eels
Scored by Clinton Gutherson. Kick to come.

How costly is that No Try up the other end? Very because Souths gave away a penalty letting Parra upfield and the some good play gets the ball out to Clint Gutherson who juggles it but holds it and scores

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 12 - 4 Eels

NO TRY - For me on first vision it looked as if Paulo wnet out and the bunker confirm it with pretty much every part of Paulo's body in touch


Jaxson Paulo over in the corner but there are plenty of question marks despite the good play from Souths


REPEAT SET: Souths dominating as the kick in behind the line as Mitch Moses is driven back


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL - A pretty poor decision from Ben Cummins as the bunker rules Cook didn't lose the ball


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE - Damien Cook ruled to have knocked on but there is absolutely nothing in the replay to even remotely understand why Ben Cummins ruled that way


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Latrell Mitchell converts from close range

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 12 - 0 Eels

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Jai Arrow. Kick to come.

THAT IS AMAZING - The Rabbitohs creating something out of nothing as an average kick from Walker is knocked back by Cook, ball goes to Latrell and then gets it out to Paulo who puts in a second kick gets it out to Tass and then Jai Arrow charges through to score

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 10 - 0 Eels

Reagan Campbell-Gillard under pressure gets a terrible play the ball away and is called correctly for a lost ball


NO TRY - No infringement by Parra just incidental contact as both players were running to the ball


BUNKER: Ben Cummins was happy to play on but then on the advice of the touch judge, Cummins sends it to the bunker


PENALTY SOUTHS: Eels penalised for being offside into the kick


PENALTY EELS: First penalty of the night goes to the Eels with the Rabbitohs called offside by Ben Cummns


Cody Walker wastes the good position for the Rabbitohs with his grubber in behind ending up more towards Qudos Bank Arena than the ingoal


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Not the cleanest strike for Latrell but it's on target as it glances the right upright and goes through

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 6 - 0 Eels

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Alex Johnston. Kick to come.

The Eels defence rushes up and a good ball from Latrell out to AJ gets the quick man into space and the momentum of the wet ground gets AJ over in the corner

Rabbitohs lead Rabbitohs 4 - 0 Eels

NO TRY - Ball off Clint Gutherson and into the corner post so the bunker rules a dropout


BUNKER: Cody Walker kicks in behind and there's plenty of water spraying up so we're going upstairs to see how the ball went dead


Isaiah Papali'i loses the ball as the Eels look to spread the ball and the wet steeden is a difficult conveyance to catch


Lachlan Ilias kicks early and finds touch just short of the 20


GAME ON! It's wet and there's a bit of surface water but we've got a game at Stadium Australia and Souths are using the ball first

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ben Cummins

Touch Judges: Drew Oultram, Todd Smith

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Alex Johnston (2), Jai Arrow, Jaxson Paulo, Damien Cook
Conversions: Latrell Mitchell (5/5)

Tries: Clinton Gutherson (2)
Conversions: Mitchell Moses (2/2)