Full Time
7:50pm Thu July 21, 2022
Round 19 - CommBank Stadium, Parramatta - Crowd: 11017

They try a kick to Simonsson which Oates gathers well. FULLTIME.


Tesi Niu spills the catch. Eels will have one play.


Broncos are everywhere tonight. Pereira whacked Gutherson hard. Eels went to the left again. Blake hasn't been able to get it down. RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Held up.


Sivo spills it trying to charge at the ball. CHALLENGE. SUCCESSFUL. Penalty Eels.


Will Penisini not having the best night. Tries to kick the ball and it just volleys over the sideline.


Oh dear. Penisini throws a deliberate forward pass.




Shaun Lane tries to bat the short kick-off back but it goes forward.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds converts his own effort.

Broncos lead Eels 14 - 36 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Adam Reynolds. Kick to come.

It just isn't the Eels night. They tried to spread it early in the count, in their own end. It is Staggs forces the error. Reynolds kicks it ahead for himself and scores.

Broncos lead Eels 14 - 34 Broncos

Eels tried to go to their left side again. Blake can't create the pass to Sivo.


Gutherson with another kick. This time it works. Dropout.


PENALTY EELS! Too long Pat.


Eels build through the right. Gutherson kicks for himself but Tesi Niu is there to gather and get back in the field.


Blake dives over in the corner! Eels use their block shape to the left and the centre plants it down. Some concern for an obstruction. HANG ON. Review. RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY!


Sivo gets trapped in the corner, throws a pass which rebounds off a few Broncos and back to the visitors.


PENALTY EELS! High shot.


Forward pass from the Broncos. Handing Eels another chance.


Dylan Brown punches a kick that goes dead. Ref calls it a dropout? Nope. Corrected. Tap for the Broncos.




Conversion: Eels
Attempted by Mitchell Moses.

Moses from the left sideline. He needs to convert these. Misses.

Broncos lead Eels 14 - 30 Broncos

Try: Eels
Scored by Maika Sivo. Kick to come.

Eels strike right away! Brown on the left to Sivo. Easy.

Broncos lead Eels 14 - 30 Broncos

Mam spills the kick. Eels on the attack.


That is some desperation from the Eels! Oregan Kaufusi charges the ball down and gets to it first!


Eels playing catch up football put it on the ground.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds with his toughest kick of the night, sails it over.

Broncos lead Eels 10 - 30 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

Easy kick from Reynolds to the left side. A leaping Oates takes it and touches down.

Broncos lead Eels 10 - 28 Broncos

That isn't the start the Eels needed. Waqa Blake going backwards loses it. Broncos scrum.


We're back for the second half! Can the Eels produce a comeback? or will the Broncos trot to another big win.


Eels storm up the field with the final set of the half, aided by a restart. They hoist one high but is smothered by the Broncos. HALFTIME.


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Mitchell Moses.

Moses with his second kick of the night. Nails it.

Broncos lead Eels 10 - 24 Broncos

Try: Eels
Scored by Waqa Blake. Kick to come.

Eels keep it going through the hands on the left. Waqa Blake finishes off the move.

Broncos lead Eels 8 - 24 Broncos

Pereira tries to be smart and step out. He gets it wrong. Eels ball ten out.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds pilots it through again.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 24 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Kurt Capewell. Kick to come.

Lovely slight of hand from Mam finds a charging Capewell to dive over.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 22 Broncos

Broncos slice through once again. Ezra Mam and Tesi Niu combining. Will Penisini holds the man down for ages and he is sent to the SIN BIN.


PENALTY EELS! Offside at marker.


Nope. Broncos tried a short side raid and the pass from Mam goes to ground. Oates can only throw a boot out at it. Eels scrum.


Everything is coming up Broncos! Another kick looked to be taken in by the Eels but somehow back with the visitors. Can they add more points?


Broncos strip the numbers on the right. Staggs tried to release the ball quickly and it goes over the sideline. Ruled an Eels touch. CHALLENGE from the hosts. INCONCLUSIVE. Eels retain their challenge BUT it will be the Broncos ball.


Broncos have turned into the Globetrotters tonight! Kicks everywhere and they are coming off. Theya re attacking the Eels line again.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds from mid range on the right. Two more.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 18 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Jordan Riki. Kick to come.

Oh Rikki you're so fine! A low kick through from Reynolds sees the second rower touch down and point out someone in the crowd. Probably a friend.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 16 Broncos

Broncos have stepped on the gas here. A shift left gets a touch from Simonsson which restarts the count and they are galloping close to the line again.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds slots over another.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 12 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Payne Haas. Kick to come.

He is definitely a Payne in the Haas for the Eels defence. He got the ball, decided to take on the line and pushed through like tissue paper. Also shushed the crowd for good measure.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 10 Broncos

Adam Reynolds has pinched it. Cheeky from the veteran half.


Eels get a restart on the fifth tackle. Brutal for the Broncos defence. Can they hold on?


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds has a chance to hand the visitors the lead. He strides in and does so.

Broncos lead Eels 4 - 6 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

That was more akin to the Wanderers than the Broncos! Brenko Lee takes a cut-out pass, kicks it several times and it ricochets to Corey Oates who is able to fall on it.

Tied up at Eels 4 - 4 Broncos

Broncos get their first chance to attack through a set restart. The kick hit the ground and Waqa Blake countered the other way, quickly followed by a Saivo charge over halfway.


Conversion: Eels
Attempted by Mitchell Moses.

The Si-Vo chant is going up around the stadium. Mitch Moses strides in and it fades left.

Eels lead Eels 4 - 0 Broncos

Try: Eels
Scored by Maika Sivo. Kick to come.

A simple move to the left and Maika Sivo adds another to his tally at Western Sydney stadium!

Eels lead Eels 4 - 0 Broncos

It is starting to teem down in Parramatta. That doesn't matter for the Eels though..


Another error from the Broncos out of their own end. Carrigan this time. CHALLENGE being used early in the piece for them. UNSUCCESSFUL.


Tricky kick on last ends up with Matterson toeing through and being held up. Changeover.


Forward pass from Jake Turpin quells the Broncos rucking forward.


Both sides through their first sets without any incident.

KICK-OFF! Eels kick high into the Sydney sky and we're underway!

Here come the Broncos onto the turf at Western Sydney stadium. They are looking to keep their momentum going this season. Next out is the hosts, the Eels, looking to send the home fans away happy later tonight. Kick-off is coming up!

Happy Thursday! We kick off the round in Sydney's west. Top four chasing Parramatta and Brisbane clash for their chance to jump ahead! The Eels come off their big win against the Warriors while Broncos won the South-East Queensland derby against the Titans. Grab all your snacks and drinks and get ready for kick-off!

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Gerard Sutton

Touch Judges: Darian Furner, Drew Oultram

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Maika Sivo (2), Waqa Blake
Conversions: Mitchell Moses (1/3)

Tries: Corey Oates (2), Adam Reynolds, Payne Haas, Jordan Riki, Kurt Capewell
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (6/6)