Full Time
7:45pm Fri June 24, 2022
Only Match - GIO Stadium Canberra, Bruce - Crowd: 11321

NSW REGAIN THE WOMEN'S ORIGIN - It looked like QLD had stolen it but NSW held on and sealed the victory


20 seconds for QLD to go 98m


NSW gather the short kick-off


Conversion: Blues
Attempted by Rachael Pearson.

Rachael Pearson's conversion hooks to the left from out wide and QLD have an outside chance of a draw

Blues lead Blues 20 - 14 Maroons

Try: Blues
Scored by Isabelle Kelly. Kick to come.

IZZY KELLY SEALS IT - Off the back of a barnstorming run from Caitlan Johnson, NSW get a quick play the ball and out wide it goes to Isabelle Kelly who cleans up a loose ball beats two defenders and scores

Blues lead Blues 20 - 14 Maroons

NO TRY - Julia Robinson was a good 3 or 4m offside and NSW survive the raid


DRAMA IN CANBERRA! Queensland have scored with Julia Robinson BUT is she offside on the kick chase?


So that is odd from the bunker - NSW have crossed in the corner off a pass that looked forward; The bunker though ruling it was a lost ball rather than a pass as ruled


Kirra Dibb kicks early in the count to the corner and QLD work it out but make some good metres


CHANGEOVER - QLD elect to run it on the last as they have the momentum and NSW survive the attacking raid


Conversion: Maroons
Attempted by Lauren Brown.

OFF THE POST - Lauren Brown's kick looks good from the acute angle but it's off the left upright and away

Blues lead Blues 16 - 14 Maroons

Try: Maroons
Scored by Evania Pelite. Kick to come.

TRY CONFIRMED - Pelite gets it out rugby style and then stays down and in and grounds it in the corner

Blues lead Blues 16 - 14 Maroons

HAVE QLD GOT THERE? Tarryn Aiken looks held but gets the ball out to Evania Pelite who scores in the corner ?


HELD UP - QLD are trying to go through the middle but NSW defence is strong


PENALTY QLD: NSW penalised for being offside from the scrum


Yasmin Clydsdale loses an Ali Brigginshaw bomb and QLD going on the attack


A risky pass for NSW comes off Ali Brigginshaw's hand which saves the blushes of Yasmin Clydsdale


A record crowd of 11,321 people in the Nation's Captial tonight


NSW holding the dominance at the moment as QLD are struggling to make metres until Upton goes through the middle


Bad news for QLD as Steph Hancock has FAILED her HIA


Penalty Goal: Blues
Kicked by Rachael Pearson.

Rachael Pearson adds her fourth goal of the night to push the lead out to 6

Blues lead Blues 16 - 10 Maroons

QLD want Belinda Sharpe to call a knock on as Penitani juggles the ball but the referee doesn't call it


Ball pinballs around the hands but it's play on as the ball is ruled backwards off QLD in both cases


CHANGEOVER - NSW can't get a kick away on the last but they hand over at inside the QLD 20


SECOND HALF IS GO! Caitlan Johnson takes a barnstorming run off the kick-off


HALF TIME in Canberra and this is an Origin thriller with NSW holding a 14-10 lead over QLD at the break


Steph Hancock loses the ball as the QLD pass goes astray in good attacking position


PENALTY QLD: Emily Bass caught high by Keeley Davis, nothing in more than a slight grab around the neck, QLD get a full set again


Thinking about where she is going to go before she actually caught the ball gives QLD a good attacking chance


Jess Sergis pulls the ball out in a one-on-one strip but knocks on in the process


Tiana Penitani takes a good take off the Rachael Pearson bomb but can't get it away


Penalty Goal: Blues
Kicked by Rachael Pearson.

Rachael Pearson puts the penalty goal through from point blank range

Blues lead Blues 14 - 10 Maroons

PENALTY NSW: Caitlan Johnson looked like she was going to score then gets the ball stripped


PENALTY NSW: Fifth tackle penalties are coach killers and QLD who were pinning NSW deep in the half undo all the pressure


Conversion: Maroons
Kicked by Ali Brigginshaw.

Ali Brigginshaw from wide out gets the conversion to kiss the right upright and it drops over the crossbar

Blues lead Blues 12 - 10 Maroons

Try: Maroons
Scored by Tarryn Aiken. Kick to come.

SHOW AND GO! Tarryn Aiken who was 2020 player of the match gets the ball off the scrum and runs to the line, shows and goes through to score

Blues lead Blues 12 - 8 Maroons

SUCCESSFUL CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Belinda Sharpe ruled that Tiana Penitani lost the ball because of a tackle in the air; Replays show it was lost before


Chelsea Lenarduzzi loses the ball as QLD try the power game again through the middle


PENALTY QLD: 2-on-1 strip penalised against NSW, QLD attacking deep


A great kick from Ali Brigginshaw to get the kick-off into open space and for it to land on it's point and bounce into touch


Conversion: Blues
Kicked by Rachael Pearson.

Rachael Pearson converts from right in front

Blues lead Blues 12 - 4 Maroons

Try: Blues
Scored by Kirra Dibb. Kick to come.

I CALL DIBB(S) ON A TRY - Kirra Dibb straight to the line throws a dummy and goes through a few poor defence then puts on the left foot to beat Upton to score

Blues lead Blues 10 - 4 Maroons

Conversion: Blues
Kicked by Rachael Pearson.

The conversion from Rachael Pearson isn't cleanly struck like usual but it's through the uprights from close range

Blues lead Blues 6 - 4 Maroons

Try: Blues
Scored by Emma Tonegato. Kick to come.

THIS COULD BE BRILLIANT - Keeley Davis kicks into the in goal, takes a deflection and then a brilliant effort to get to the ball from Emma Tonegato to ground it and Sharpe vision from the referee to award it on the spot.

Tied up at Blues 4 - 4 Maroons

PENALTY NSW: Slow peel the ruling from Belinda Sharpe with the penalty taking NSW into the QLD half


Julia Robinson has a great jump on her but can't take the ball cleanly and loses it on the last


Conversion: Maroons
Attempted by Ali Brigginshaw.

Ali Brigginshaw from next to the posts gets a pinpoint strike on the upright and the ball ricochets further back than where Ali took the kick from

Maroons lead Blues 0 - 4 Maroons

Try: Maroons
Scored by Destiny Brill. Kick to come.

She scored the only try in 2021; Destiny Brill opens the scoring in 2022 where Nati comes out of dummy-half then turns the ball back inside to Brill who scores

Maroons lead Blues 0 - 4 Maroons

PENALTY QLD: Belinda Sharpe blows the first penalty of the night for a slow ruck with Shaylee Bent not getting off the tackle quick enough to the referees liking


HELD UP! It's extraordinary defence from QLD and Tamika Upton in particular gets underneath Emma Tonegato who looked as if she was scoring on the last but doesn't get it down


BANG! Yasmin Clydesdale pulls off a big hit after she read the play from QLD who were looking to spread it right


Tallisha Harden tells Belinda Sharpe that she's ok but the Injury surveillance bunker notices an issue and she has to leave the field


Evania Pelite loses the ball after not being able to take an offload from Tarryn Aiken who almost got through the defence


SIX MORE - Charge down ruled by Belinda Sharpe and QLD get the ball back on their own side of halfway


NSW with the better opening set making 47m in it, last tackle kick from Dibb doesn't put any pressure on Upton who reportedly rolled her ankle in the warm-up


QLD keep the ball towards their left-hand side for the set and a good set for them as NSW work it out of their own 20

HERE WE GO! Origin is underway for 2022 with Belinda Sharpe in control of her fourth match; QLD using the ball first

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Belinda Sharpe

Touch Judges: Kailey Beattie, Tori Wilkie

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Emma Tonegato, Kirra Dibb, Isabelle Kelly
Conversions: Rachael Pearson (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Rachael Pearson (2/2)

Tries: Destiny Brill, Tarryn Aiken, Evania Pelite
Conversions: Ali Brigginshaw (1/2), Lauren Brown (0/1)