2010 National Rugby League fixtures released

The National Rugby League today announced the competition draw for the 2010 Telstra Premiership season. The season opens with the Queensland derby between the Cowboys and Broncos, as well as a face-off between the Eels and Dragons.

Round 1 March 12 - 15 Broncos vs. Cowboys Bulldogs vs. Knights Eels vs. Dragons Panthers vs. Raiders Rabbitohs vs. Roosters Sharks vs. Storm Titans vs. Warriors Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles

Round 2 March 19 - 22 Cowboys vs. Panthers Dragons vs. Bulldogs Eels vs. Sea Eagles Knights vs. Storm Rabbitohs vs. Titans Raiders vs. Broncos Roosters vs. Wests Tigers Warriors vs. Sharks

Round 3 March 26 - 29 Broncos vs. Warriors Bulldogs vs. Roosters Dragons vs. Cowboys Panthers vs. Storm Sea Eagles vs. Knights Sharks vs. Rabbitohs Titans vs. Raiders Wests Tigers vs. Eels

Round 4 April 2 - 5 (Easter) Cowboys vs. Titans Knights vs. Panthers Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs Raiders vs. Wests Tigers Roosters vs. Broncos Sharks vs. Eels Storm vs. Dragons Warriors vs. Sea Eagles

Round 5 April 9 - 12 Bulldogs vs. Warriors Cowboys vs. Wests Tigers Dragons vs. Broncos Eels vs. Raiders Panthers vs. Roosters Rabbitohs vs. Knights Sea Eagles vs. Sharks Titans vs. Storm

Round 6 April 16 - 19 Broncos vs. Sharks Eels vs. Rabbitohs Knights vs. Cowboys Roosters vs. Raiders Storm vs. Sea Eagles Titans vs. Dragons Warriors vs. Panthers Wests Tigers vs. Bulldogs

Round 7 April 23 - 26 Bulldogs vs. Broncos Cowboys vs. Eels Dragons vs. Roosters Panthers vs. Wests Tigers Raiders vs. Rabbitohs Sea Eagles vs. Titans Sharks vs. Knights Storm vs. Warriors

Round 8 April 30, May 1 - 2 Broncos vs. Knights Cowboys vs. Storm Dragons vs. Sharks Eels vs. Bulldogs Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles Titans vs. Panthers Warriors vs. Raiders Wests Tigers vs. Roosters

May 7: Australia V New Zealand - Test Match May 7: City v Country

Round 9 May 8 - 10 Knights vs. Titans Roosters vs. Cowboys Sea Eagles vs. Dragons Storm vs. Broncos Byes - Bulldogs, Eels, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Sharks, Tigers, Warriors

Round 10 May 14 - 17 Broncos vs. Titans Bulldogs vs. Dragons Raiders vs. Storm Roosters vs. Knights Sea Eagles vs. Eels Sharks vs. Panthers Warriors vs. Cowboys Wests Tigers vs. Rabbitohs

Round 11 May 21 - 24 Dragons vs. Raiders Eels vs. Sharks Knights vs. Wests Tigers Panthers vs. Bulldogs Warriors vs. Rabbitohs Byes - Broncos, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Storm, Titans.

May 26: State of Origin 1 - ANZ Stadium

Round 12 May 28 - 31 Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles Dragons vs. Eels Rabbitohs vs. Panthers Sharks vs. Broncos Storm vs. Bulldogs Titans vs. Roosters Wests Tigers vs. Warriors Byes - Knights, Raiders

Round 13 June 4 - 7 Bulldogs vs. Wests Tigers Eels vs. Storm Panthers vs. Knights Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys Raiders vs. Titans Roosters vs. Sharks Sea Eagles vs. Broncos Warriors vs. Dragons

Round 14 June 11 - 14 Broncos vs. Rabbitohs Cowboys vs. Raiders Knights vs. Warriors Storm vs. Roosters Titans vs. Sea Eagles Byes - Bulldogs, Dragons, Eels, Panthers, Sharks, Tigers

June 16: State of Origin 2 - Suncorp Stadium

Round 15 June 18 - 21 Broncos vs. Panthers Bulldogs vs. Titans Knights vs. Eels Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs Sharks vs. Dragons Storm vs. Cowboys Wests Tigers vs. Raiders Byes - Roosters, Warriors

Round 16 June 25 - 28 Cowboys vs. Sharks Dragons vs. Wests Tigers Eels vs. Broncos Panthers vs. Sea Eagles Rabbitohs vs. Storm Raiders vs. Bulldogs Roosters vs. Warriors Titans vs. Knights

Round 17 July 2 - 5 Broncos vs. Wests Tigers Dragons vs. Panthers Raiders vs. Roosters Sharks vs. Bulldogs Warriors vs. Eels Byes - Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Knights, Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans

July 7: State of Origin 3 - ANZ Stadium

Round 18 July 9 - 12 Bulldogs vs. Storm Eels vs. Cowboys Knights vs. Sharks Panthers vs. Warriors Roosters vs. Rabbitohs Sea Eagles vs. Raiders Wests Tigers vs. Titans Byes - Broncos, Dragons

Round 19 July 16 - 19 Panthers vs. Eels Rabbitohs vs. Dragons Raiders vs. Knights Roosters vs. Bulldogs Sharks vs. Sea Eagles Titans vs. Broncos Warriors vs. Storm Wests Tigers vs. Cowboys

Round 20 July 23 - 26 Broncos vs. Roosters Bulldogs vs. Eels Cowboys vs. Knights Dragons vs. Titans Rabbitohs vs. Warriors Raiders vs. Sharks Sea Eagles vs. Wests Tigers Storm vs. Panthers

Round 21 July 30 - 31, August 1 - 2 Broncos vs. Dragons Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs Eels vs. Roosters Knights vs. Sea Eagles Panthers vs. Cowboys Storm vs. Raiders Warriors vs. Titans Wests Tigers vs. Sharks

Round 22 August 6 - 9 Cowboys vs. Broncos Knights vs. Bulldogs Rabbitohs vs. Wests Tigers Raiders vs. Panthers Roosters vs. Dragons Sea Eagles vs. Storm Sharks vs. Warriors Titans vs. Eels

Round 23 August 13 - 16 Broncos vs. Eels Bulldogs vs. Raiders Dragons vs. Sea Eagles Sharks vs. Roosters Storm vs. Rabbitohs Titans vs. Cowboys Warriors vs. Knights Wests Tigers vs. Panthers

Round 24 August 20 - 23 Cowboys vs. Bulldogs Eels vs. Wests Tigers Knights vs. Broncos Panthers vs. Rabbitohs Raiders vs. Dragons Roosters vs. Titans Sea Eagles vs. Warriors Storm vs. Sharks

Round 25 August 27 - 30 Bulldogs vs. Panthers Knights vs. Dragons Rabbitohs vs. Eels Raiders vs. Cowboys Roosters vs. Sea Eagles Sharks vs. Titans Warriors vs. Broncos Wests Tigers vs. Storm

Round 26 September 3 - 5 Broncos vs. Raiders Cowboys vs. Roosters Dragons vs. Rabbitohs Eels vs. Warriors Panthers vs. Sharks Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs Storm vs. Knights Titans vs. Wests Tigers

Finals Series 2010

September 10 - 12 - Qualifying Finals

September 17 - 18 - Semi Finals

September 24 - 25 - Preliminary Finals

October 3 - Grand Final 2010 - ANZ Stadium

Source: www.nrl.com