Junior Dolphins News

THE Junior Dolphins are heading into the finals of the Allan's Tiles Pre-Season Challenge competition held over the first five weeks of season 2006.
Only the premiership age groups (under 11 to under 12) compete in this competition with many of our teams making it through to finals week of the round robin challenge.
After the finals are played, the Luxury Paints Premiership begins for those age groups. Some very enjoyable games have been played in the younger age groups.
Games in the under 7 to under 10s are a lot of fun and are great to watch. The enjoyment of our game by its players is paramount at this club and the boys and girls in these age groups make that very obvious with their big smiles and happy faces whenever they jog on to the field.
If you have some spare time on a Sunday morning, it is worthwhile popping into Dolphin Oval and having a look at some of our future stars playing this great game for all the right reasons.
The representative season is also under way for both schoolboy and the South East Division Juniors.
Again the Redcliffe Dolphins will feature in both, in particular the Sunshine Coast under 15 schoolboys who will travel to Townsville this month to contest the state championships.
Our very good friends and sponsor, the Redcliffe Leagues Club, is making it possible once again for those boys to make the trip north.
Mr Tony Murphy and the Leagues Club board have agreed to meet over $500 in costs relating to that carnival for each of the players.
Five of our juniors also have been selected for the Brisbane under 17 team. They are Asher Elemani, Dave Hala, Joel Romello, Dane Hogan and Matt Lennon. Four of those boys did the job for the Stingers under 16 team at the state championships in Rockhampton in 2005.
This, coupled with some strong performances in 2006, has seen them picked again along with Hogan, who represented Wide Bay at the same carnival but has since returned to the Dolphins.
Well done to all those boys who have been chosen to represent at any level so far. With many rep teams still to be named, I will keep all members up to date in the coming issues.
A couple of fund-raising ventures are about to kick off with all proceeds going towards the purchase of training equipment and coaching aids to assist our team of junior coaches to get the very best out of each member of their team.
2006 is the first time for many years that sees this club provide an entrant in the Miss Junior Rugby League quest. Miss Andrea Chapman will represent the Redcliffe Dolphins Juniors and will conduct raffles to raise money for our teams along the way. All the best of luck Andrea.
A chocolate drive is also planned for the coming weeks and we hope to raise upwards of $10,000 which will go towards an upgrade of spectator facilities around the Dolphin Oval complex, so please get behind these ventures as they will benefit every player, coach and spectator involved with this club.
Thought for the month: Encourage your children to show respect towards their coach and other volunteers that help make this club what it is.

Grant Cleal Development Manager