Mad Monday

The shoulder charge debate.

It's been raging all year and will continue to do so.

So let's get straight to it. Should it be banned?


But, if it really is that big an issue, then it should cop a big suspension when it goes wrong. If a shoulder charge ends up collecting a player in the head, then that player can expect to be charged with no less than a Grade 3 reckless tackle charge.

We don't want to remove the big collisions and big hits that embody this great game, but at the same time, we don't want to see players getting smashed in the face and stretchered off the field. It's called finding a balance.

However, I think that the issue of shoulder charges is a minor one in comparison to something that is a horrible blight on the game which fails to be addressed.


Ask anyone what aspects they love about Rugby League as a player and/or as a spectator. I can guarantee you no-one will say wrestling.

This madness about slowing down the play the ball has got out of hand. Referees can only do so much. I think it