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I'M feeling great! I've just had a nice wash and now I get to dry off in the warm sun and daydream a little. I can't wait to feel him beneath me. I can't wait to hug him, and glide over his awesome, hard pecs and bulging biceps. Of course, I'm hoping that he takes me in front of all those bright lights and flashing cameras. Somewhere nice and public. I don't particularly care for the dirty stuff, getting covered in mud, tugged and pulled at (although I don't mind a bit of a pull every now and then), but I just love it in front of all those people cheering and screaming. Okay, so they are mostly screaming his name, but a lot of them are screaming out my name too. It's tattoed across my back and I'm proud to share it with thousands of others. If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm a tight, body hugging Eels guernsey and I'm proud.

Not the Bees Knees

A father takes his young daughter to the footy:

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