A collaboration between Rugby League Project and LeagueUnlimited, enjoy a FREE 320-page publication cataloguing the 2023 calendar year across Australian and UK professional and semi-professional competitions, as well as a full wrap of the internationals played. Packed FULL of stats.

The huge digital book also includes special features from a range of fantastic rugby league writers.

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Edited by Andrew Ferguson & Tim Costello

Our thanks to:

  • Shawn Dollin (Rugby League Project), Steve Williams & Coby Delaney (LeagueUnlimited)
  • Steven Russo (cover art)
  • AJ Lucantonio, Rob Crosby, Justin Davies, Josh Robertson, Sam Bourke, Lachy MacCorquodale, Adam Huxtable, Andrew Jackson, 'Eelementary', Lachlan McIntyre, Nick Boys, Kelly Hollis, Andrew Taranto, Dan Nichols, Beth Nicholls, Aidan Edgecomb, Andy P, Robert McHugh, Paul Whiteside, Johnny Lew, Lee Robinson, J.R. Rickwood, Ian White, Jacob Killbride