A collaboration between Rugby League Project and LeagueUnlimited, enjoy a FREE 234-page publication cataloguing the 2021 season across the NRL, Super League and RFL Championship, as well as a full look at Internationals and the World Cup.

The huge digital book also includes special features from a range of fantastic rugby league writers, including:

  • James Smith
  • Alan Pearce
  • Steve Mascord
  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Jonathan Burnett
  • Max Turner

Inside, you'll find a full match-by-match review of the 2021 NRL season thanks to LeagueUnlimited.com's dedicated team of writers, who also put together a range of club reviews for the 16 NRL clubs. A range of new writers along with Rugby League Project's Andrew Ferguson also reviewed each UK club's seasons across the Super League and Championship competitions.

Further in, you'll also see a wrap of the international year of rugby league among these uncertain COVID times, together with a full list of international matches played since 1904, and stats leaders from RugbyLeagueProject's record books.

The back of this Annual contains a list of Rugby League World Cup results since the tournament's commencement in 1954 through to the most recent in 2017, along with full player records - again from RLP's archive.

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Edited by Andrew Ferguson & Tim Costello

Our thanks to:

  • Shawn Dollin (Rugby League Project), Steve Williams & Coby Delaney (LeagueUnlimited)
  • The Biggest Tiger (cover art)
  • Steve Mascord, James Smith, Alan Pearce, Jonathan Burnett, Max Turner
  • Rob Crosby, Justin Davies, Josh Robertson, Sam Bourke, Lachy MacCorquodale, Emile El-Azar, Adam Huxtable, Hamish Parker, Andrew Jackson, Jason Hosken, Brendan Thurbon, 'Eelementary', Chris Glover, Jack Ellis, Louise Woodward-Styles, Wakefield Heritage, Gavin Wilson, Brad Hirons and Jordan Weir.